Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brag Tags

I mentioned Brag Tags in an earlier post and received a few questions asking about them. The Brag Tags are sponsored by our AWESOME PTA and organized by our school counselor. Every student in the school gets brag tags. They all start the year out with a grade level tag. Here’s First Grade’s first brag tag…


Darling, right?! I write their names on the back of each tag so that we know which tags belong to each kiddo. As the year goes on, they can earn lots of different tags. There are some for reading, honor roll, attendance, field day, variety show, summer reading, birthday, etc. TONS! And the kids LOVE to collect! Here are just a few…


The brag tags stay on the wall until we have assemblies and then the kids get to wear them on special assembly days. You know, bragging rights :) At the end of the year, they get to take their brag tags home to keep! Such a fun little way to praise our kids efforts!!


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