Thursday, September 30, 2010

Word Helper Strategies

I originally saw these darling Word Helper strategy cards on the First Grader At Last blog and knew I had to have them!!! My kids are seriously OBSESSED with word strategies now! Every time they get stuck on a word, I’ll hear someone say, “think Stretchy Snake!” OR, “don’t forget Fly Eye!” I changed up a few little things to fit the needs of my kids and to go along with the clip art I had available :) I also created bookmarks that I laminated and cut out for each student to keep. They have a “keep at home” bookmark and one to keep at their desks. They love these little guys! I have the large charts posted by our whole group reading area and in my Red Carpet Reading Nook {where we have small guided reading groups}.



You can download my word helper charts below, but this isn’t my original idea!! Check out Sarah at First Grader at Last to see how she uses them in her room!



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