Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to School Hallways/Bulletin Boards

If you’ve been reading this little blog for a while, you might remember the hallway decorations in my school during Open House this year. I also spotlighted some of our school’s hallway décor at the beginning of the school year last year. Well, it’s that time of year again!!! Time for more back to school hallway decorations, bulletin boards, and themes!
Each grade level adopts a “theme” for the hallway. This isn’t necessarily how we theme our own classrooms, just a way for us to start the year as a team and design brag tags for our grade levels. Once we decide on a theme, our sweet grade level parents come up the week before school and decorate the halls.
First grade did a little half & half action this year…we tackled our own bulletin boards and then our sweet moms came in and added the stars :) We went with a space theme for the halls and LOVE the way it turned out!! “1st Grade is a BLAST!!!!”
Found this idea on Pinterest. I posted about it here:
A few of the little details…
Jump rope {from the Dollar Tree of course!}
Tissue paper for a little 3D effect…
And these darling little plate covers…perfect touch!

Now let’s head on down to KINDERLAND :) I LOVE this hallway!! I mean, seriously…who doesn’t love Candyland?!
And my favorite little detail…the dang “gameboard spaces” running through the hall!

Let’s steer our ships toward 2nd grade!! This year, 2nd went for a pirate theme. LOVE.
Look at this little guy!! LOVE him! Those are real/fake feathers!! HA!!
And a little close up of the treasures…real beads!! Love that!!

Time to gear up for an Amazing Race in 3rd grade. What a FUN theme!!!!!
Each classroom took on a different continent.

4th grade went all out State Fair style. SO fun!

Things are really “rockin’ out” with the ROCKSTARS in 5th grade!!!

Finally, we’re “hangin’ out” with the kids in 6th grade this year!!! LOVE this!
This little wall is my favorite!!

The halls are all ready and we met our babies on Thursday night. Can’t wait to have a classroom full of firsties on Monday!!!!

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