Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

2nd day down and ohmiword. I need therapeutic boots, a bladder sling, and and IV of Red Bull. Dang. I know y’all are feelin’ me, right?!

It’s Tuesday and it’s time for a little “teacher talk”. I don’t want to call this “advice” because I’m pretty sure I’m not the person to ask for help, but here are a few little nuggets of experience…things that have worked for me through the years!

*You need to make deposits before you can make withdrawls. Spend lots of time praising your babies and sending home positive communication. If there should ever come a time you have to give a consequence or call home for a not-so-great reason, things will be received so much better.

*Take interest in what your kids love. I try to make it out to at least one extracurricular event {gymnastics/cheerleading/football/soccer/dance/etc.} for each of my kids every year. I know this might not work for everyone {especially if you have your own kids!}, but the kids LOVE it and the parents always appreciate the effort!

*Document EVERYTHING. Keep parent emails and any other types of communication you might give/receive throughout the year. These always seem to come in handy if a question comes up in a meeting or something like that :)

*It’s OKAY if you can’t fit it all in!!!! It’ll all get done and your babies WILL learn. Do what you can do and do it well!!!

*Don’t be afraid to stop in the middle of a lesson and redirect your route if you realize the plane is headed south.

*If someone offers to help you, take them up on it! And don’t be too shy to ask for help either. We’re all teachers…we LIVE to help :)

*Don’t get dragged down by negativity. It can rub off on your littles, too! One of my favorite verses is, “Whatever is noble, right, pure, lovely…think on these things.” ~Philippians 4:8. LOVE IT.

*If all else fails, make a run for Sonic and praise God for the summers :) HA!

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