Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Friends, Good Food, GREAT Ideas!

This weekend I had the chance to meet some FABULOUS Dallas area teachers for lunch. I set up a little get together/meet & greet with some of the ladies in the area and I was so excited to pick their brains! I gotta say that Dallas is home to some seriously talented teachers because these ladies had some AMAZING ideas!!! I don’t even wanna know what the other patrons at the restaurant must have been thinkin’ when we all pulled out notebooks, pens, paper, and the ipads. Only teachers, right?!?! HA!!!


I scored some great ideas about Daily 5. Gotta admit that it’s not my strong suit. LOVE my literacy time, but the Daily 5 structure STRESSES me out {that’s my controlling side talking, of course ;)} Now I’m excited to tackle it again with a whole new perspective on things!! I also got some great ideas about teaching handwriting, sight words, spelling and facilitating group work. Seriously…only a group full of teachers could sit down at a restaurant for 5 hours and talk about NOTHING but school!! Okay, so we gossiped about the Real Housewives, too, but you know what I’m sayin’!!

I’m even more excited to start a new school year now!! Our little group decided that we’re going to make this a monthly or every-other-month type event, so if you’re in the Dallas area and interested in getting on board, let me know!! In the meantime, you really need to stop by these ladies’ blogs, say hello, and see all the great things they have going on in their classrooms!!!


Left side of the table…

Lisa…an old coworker of mine who doesn’t have a blog, but LOVES to read everyone elses!! HA!! Love her :)

Laura…you can visit HER WEBSITE to learn a little bit more about her & her Kindergarten class. She’s a hoot!

Colleen…you might now her as the blogger behind Patton’s Patch. If you don’t have her on your blogroll, you should! She’s currently hoping to meet her goal on Donor’s Choose, so if you want to donate & help her out, head on over and see what she has goin’ on!!

Janell…she and Nicole are teammates and they came together..absolutely PRECIOUS! Janell doesn’t have a blog, but she had some AWESOME ideas!!

Right side of the table…


Nicole…the blogger who writes for Flipping For First Grade! Make sure you add her to your blogroll, too!! She has some really great organizational ideas and got me excited to really go all out with Daily 5 this year!

Shanda…the sweet girl who blogs over at 1 is More Fun! Stop by and add her to your reading list, too!! I think Shanda wins the award for the person who drove the farthest :) She also came up with the great idea of meeting at each others’ schools instead of a restaurant! GREAT idea!! I always love seeing what everyone else’s classrooms look like!!

I’m looking forward to doing this again!!! I love my sweet teacher friends :)

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