Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where It All Goes Down…A Little Classroom Tour

Hey y’all! Time for a little “Where it Goes Down Wednesday” action. We’re on day 3 here and let me tell ya…it’s getting easier every dang day! I must have been EXHAUSTED last night because I sure did PASS.OUT in my little bit’s bed as we were saying prayers. Mr. Spouse left me there and I got a really great 3 hour nap before getting up around midnight to head to my own bed :)
If you’ve been following my little ol’ blog for a while, you’ll notice that my classroom hasn’t changed much since last year. I redid a few bulletin boards, moved some furniture around, added a kidney table {last year was my first year without one!} and a few more storage containers. Welcome to room 135…
I rolled out the red carpet on the first day! I have a little Hollywood theme in my room, so the kids were ecstatic to have such a fun little welcome :) To the left of my door are my “Sorry We Missed You”, “Peanut Free”, & “What’s the Password?” signs. Do you notice the backwards ‘N’ on my door?!?!?! Inside joke ;)
I got the inspiration for the “What’s the Password?” sign from Growing Kinders. I used her download and I LOVE it!!!
My desk is hidden behind my bench & tree and my math wall is to the right. Student mailboxes are right alongside that wall, too!
Here’s my desk. A hot, hot mess. That’s why it stays hidden :) I keep all my seasonal decorations in the trunk below my computer. I love having my filing cabinet next to my desk so I can clip up any important reminders/passwords/notes/etc. in my direct line of sight!! The jolly ranchers on the desk are another MUST.
Here are my cubbies, Award Winning Words {word wall}, and BRAVO! {student work} wall.
Another look at my cubbies. Each hook is labeled with my kids’ names & numbers. The green & blue baskets above are all numbered and contain books. The books in each basket have a sticker that coordinates with the basket. Helps keep me organized! The baskets to the left & right are their book/browsing boxes & math toolkits. Right above the cubbies is my wall of fame! That’ll soon be filled with tons of stars, handprints, and autographs!
Here’s my whole group/family time area. The shelf on the left with the green & blue baskets is my classroom library where kids can shop for books when we start the Daily 5. The shelf on the right is my math supply shelf. Math tubs are in a different area.
The shelves separate our family area from the computers. We have 5 in the room and the kids each have their own set of headphones…that was part of our supply list this year!! The computers are in a little nook separated by my bookshelf {for D.E.A.R time} and a little supply makeshift shelving unit. HA!! So rigged. I found these pink hanging organizers at Target in the dollar spot {can’t you tell??!}, propped ‘em up with my houndstooth trunk {that holds all my tissue boxes}, and filled them with supplies for each table {markers, pencils, erasers}. These still need to be labeled by table!
Here’s another look at my math wall. The clothesline on top will be filled with the kids’ socks for counting by 2’s. The math tub shelf is to the right of that.
On the backside of my math shelf is my word work shelf. Found this little baby at a resale shop for $9, brought her home, & spray painted her pink :) Next to the word work shelf is my sink area. I keep all my personal supplies in the cabinets and the pencil sharpener sits in the sink area.
Here’s the little desk in the sink area. Such a RANDOM spot for it and NO…it doesn’t belong there. It needs to find a home in a different spot. My Celebrity of the Week gets to sit in this desk to do all his/her work! I found this desk for a whopping $15 then brought it home and painted it myself about 5 years ago. The kids love it!
Next to the sink is my Work on Writing area. I was totally inspired by this post on Mrs. Phippen’s blog!!! LOVED this idea!!!! Hers is much cuter, but you get the idea!
Graphics courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles.

The baskets & drawers by the wall will house paper, notebooks, dry erase boards….tons of different writing materials!!
Here’s my little Celebrity of the Week corner! I added a few new stars this year…Justin Bieber, the Sprouse twins, Taylor Swift, and Miranda Cosgrove.
Here’s my little desk next to the door. I keep my Thursday folder basket underneath the table and on top is a basket for papers/notes that need to be sent to the office! I keep personal pics and cards from kids on my little bulletin board, and my schedule cards are a great visual, too! I found those fun little clock tags over at Mrs. Lemons’ blog.
To the right of my little desk is my white board/SmartBoard.
The little space to the left of my SmartBoard will become a “Focus Wall”. Right now, it’s holding my BRAVO BOARD! This is my little table system. If a table can earn 15 points by Friday {each Friday}, they get to learn with their shoes off! My word…they LOVE it!
Right below my Bravo Board are my bucket fillers. We haven’t started this yet, so I still need to add the bucket notes to my little pockets.
On the opposite side of my SmartBoard is my little Sounding Board :) I got these darling sound posters from Mrs. Jump’s blog :) When we start our chunks/words of the week, the words/chunks will be put in the middle and changed every week!!
Here’s my teacher table…right next to the “Sounding Board”.
Instead of chairs, I’m wanting to get those darling colored ottoman/stools to sit at the table. Cozy and comfy…and much more convenient!!! Right behind my teacher table is a little cabinet where I store my guided readers and word work materials {for teacher table/guided reading activities}. The baskets on either side of the cabinet hold my tiny supplies…bandaids, scissors, compliment coupons, pens, etc. And of course, I don’t go anywhere without my Mixed Bag Designs carryall!!! LOVE that thing!! Just ignore the Hawaiian Punch and Sprite on the floor…we made Jitter Juice the other day and I haven’t taken it home!! Thanks, Abby!!
Right underneath that little computer are drawers that currently hold a bunch of junk! They’ll soon hold leveled readers and guided reading materials :)
Here’s another little reading bench I painted my 2nd year teaching. My kids love sitting here!! This is also the bench I was sitting on when Mr. Spouse proposed to me :)
OH…and here are my clip chart & job chart!! I was super inspired by my sweet friend, Abby, to start a clip chart system in my room this year. I had a little clip type system last year, but I didn’t like it very much and this one is SO much easier! My clip chart is hanging next to my desk so it’s not a focal point of the room. The class jobs are hanging on the math shelf. The kids are LOVING the clip chart and we’ll start our class jobs next week!!
Alright…I think that concludes the tour :) If you wanna see some amazing classrooms, hop on over to Blog Hoppin’ and check ‘em out…and while you’re there, link up to your classroom pics, too!!

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