Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Love You…But Sometimes I Really Don’t Like You At All

Blogger and I have a love/hate relationship. Right now, we’re more on the hate side of things. While Blogger has brought me a daily list of “must reads”, it’s also made it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for me to comment on those very same blogs. Gosh darnit!!! If you have a blog with a comment box that looks like this….


I can’t comment on your blog :( I found this out the other day when I wrote this super detailed note on Mrs. Tabb’s blog {who I just found via Pinterest…LOVE} and then it bounced me off her blog and gave me this dang pop-up…


I had to stalk her on Facebook so that I could leave her a message!! HA!! The same thing happened to me when I tried to comment on sweet Amanda’s blog. Wrote a lengthy comment, clicked “post”, and then that dang pop up box again!! I had to email her instead :)

The only blogs I apparently have access to comment on are blogs with comment boxes like this…


The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’ve found SO many amazing blogs through Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin’ and I SO badly want to leave comments on them, but I can’t!!!!

If you have any techie advice for me…or if you can tell me why Blogger hates me so much…let me know!!!

Don’t forget to stop by Blog Hoppin’ today and read my post “Three For Thursday” and then link up your three favorites, too!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with lots of {free} printables!!! Now I’m off to a little girls night out with some of my favorites for a GENDER REVEAL!!! Aaaahhh!! SO excited!!! And even more excited it’s not mine!! HA!! {Kidding…but only a little ;)}

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