Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Blessing & A Prayer

This morning was not the smoothest of mornings. We were running just a *tad* bit late for church and when we got there, both boys were switched to new classrooms in Sunday school. Neither of my boys were expecting the change…nor were we…so let’s just say they had a hard time adjusting! After we dropped them off with their new teachers, we walked toward the sanctuary and I prayed for their little hearts. And I prayed that God would open my ears to something I NEEDED to hear during the service. It never fails to amaze me that God ALWAYS provides what we ask of Him.

Most of the kids at todays service had their backpacks in tow for today’s “Blessing of the Backpacks”. It was precious. It made me think about how my oldest will be bringing his backpack to church for his own blessing in just a few short years…but let’s not rush things ;) Not too long after the backpacks were blessed, our pastor had all the teachers stand up. He prayed for us and said some unbelievably encouraging, inspiring things…just as I prayed I’d hear something I needed to hear, God answered my prayer with his words and this blessing…

A Teacher’s Prayer

O Lord, Grant me your strength, so I will have COURAGE in every situation;

Grant me your love, so I will NEVER GIVE UP on anybody;

Grant me your wisdom, so I will SHOW others the path to success;

Grant me your mercy; so I will FORGIVE those who have hurt me;

Grant me your peace, so I will FIND THE BEST in everybody;

Grant me your hope, so I will NEVER GIVE UP;

Grant me your joy, so I will be THANKFUL for all my blessings;

And grant me your grace, so you will ALWAYS be at my side. Amen.

~David Bennett

I do believe that we are CALLED by God to teach. Lord knows we’re not in it for the money. I think I can speak for the majority of us out there when I say that teaching is truly our passion. That can only be a gift from the Lord and I totally needed the reminder this morning. I pray that I can glorify His name by being the teacher that I was called to be. We owe it to God…and to our babies…to answer this calling to the best of our abilities.

SO…as I get my mind ready for the first day tomorrow, I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m praying for you, too!! I’m praying for each of us to use our gift…our teaching talents…to inspire, motivate, and encourage our babies to LEARN….not just the first few energy-filled weeks, but for the entire year!! And in turn, I know we’ll all inspire each other to become better educators with every lesson we teach.

I hope you have a most blessed school year!!!

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