Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Week Fun!

Hey sweet friends! We’re on the 2nd week here and ohmiword…exhaustion doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it :) I’m LOVING my class of 21 littles…they’re PRECIOUS. And full of spunk.

Our first day was a total BLUR. The only thing I remember is our annual first day flag raising…and that’s only because I have pictures of it! HA! No really, it was hot as sin outside…and it was only 8:30…so that’s a little hard to forget :) This is one of my favorite little school traditions. The school’s namesake comes out to say a few words to everyone….our principal says a few things too…there’s a grade level roll call with loud cheers from all the kids & teachers…the boy scouts raise the flag….we say the pledge{s}…and then we head back inside to start the year :)

first week 6first week 8

When we weren’t talking rules and practicing procedures, we were engaged in fun first week activities from Abby’s Fun With Firsties Unit. SO much fun! Hands down, my kids’ favorite activity was Jitter Juice!!! SO yum!

first week2first week3

We also made the cutest little time capsules. The kids LOVED this one! We stamped & dated their itty handprints, measured their height with yarn, and then we had them fill out a little first day info sheet with their self portrait on the back.

first week4

We rolled ‘em, wrapped ‘em up in tissue paper, and gave them all “Do Not Open ‘til June 2011” labels. On the last day of school, we’ll open our time capsules and have the kids do the EXACT same activity!! It’ll be so much fun to see how much they grow and change this year!!

first week5first week6

I know it’s late, but if you want to tuck this little activity away for another year, click on the pic to download.


I was terrible about documenting the week’s events, but honestly…I was too busy to capture any Kodak moments anyway. I know y’all know EXACTLY what I’m talkin’ about! The highlight of my week was this gorgeous arrangement from Mr. Spouse. That sweet man does this every.dang.year and every year it surprises the gravy out of me!!! Love that man!!!

first week 7

If I wasn’t so tired, I’d stay up to share more :) It’s bed-thirty and I’ve gotta get some sleep before one of my boys decides to wake up 5 times in the middle of the night. It’s inevitable. Every time I NEED sleep, I’m up ALL dang night chasing monsters out of closets and scaring away the boogeyman. Dangit. I’ll leave you with this darling picture one of my sweeties drew for me today….

first week 9

I about FELL.OUT. I don’t know what my face was saying, but bless her heart…she was all, “You can tell it’s a vase, right?!?!?!?” And I was all, “OF COURSE, sweetie!!! That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!!” HA!!!!!

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