Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Day Fit for a Foodie

If you know me well, you know I’m a foodie. NOT a food snob at all...I’ll eat ANTYHING. Especially if it’s deep fried and made with butter :) But I’m definitely a foodie!! Today’s activities were focused all around a couple of my favorites…pizza and cinnamon rolls!!! Both terribly fattening and unhealthy, but that’s not the point of this post :)

Before we started our math tubs today, we did a whole group fraction activity. I set out 4 pizza boxes on different tables and handed out recording sheets and clipboards. The objective of this activity was to get the kids to count the number of slices in each pizza box and then record the fraction of slices that had pepperoni/mushrooms/olives/green peppers. I made the pizzas out of construction paper, cut them into various slices {each box had a different number of slices}, and then glued each slice to the bottom of the box. The kids got to travel from box to box until all of the fractions were recorded. I labeled each box with a number, too. They LOVED this activity!!!

mar21d mar21mar21b

I got the boxes from Domino’s last year. Actually, they were left at school…totally unused…so I snatched ‘em up knowing I could do something fun with them at some point. This seemed like the perfect time to put ‘em to good use! Click the pic below for a printable.

Pizza Box Fractions

Graphics copyright DJ Inkers.

If you’re looking for another appetizing fraction activity, Amy Lemons has this precious pizza craftivity you should check out! LOVE IT!!

During our literacy block, we talked about synonyms. I started with this book…


And then we made a list of synonyms. After that, it was time to start baking! Baking SYNONYM rolls, that is. I’m sure you’ve all seen this PRECIOUS idea on Pinterest! Well, for my little foodie lovin’ class, I knew this activity would be just perfect! I decided it would be fun to play the part of a baker, so I made all the kids a chef’s hat…and one for me, too…busted out the apron, and we got this party started.


First I had the kids make a list of synonyms. They actually got to choose what they wanted to do…either make a list of several different pairs of synonyms, or make a list of several synonyms for one word. They were all up for the challenge and it was fun to see what they chose!


Here’s a copy of this, too…

Synonym Chef2

Graphics courtesy of Scrappin’ Doodles.

Once they had their words recorded, I handed out their chef hats and they immediately transformed into “Synonym Chefs”. They baked their little hearts out making the most delicious little “synonym” rolls. Yum!


mar21k mar21lmar21m

I really wanted to make cinnamon rolls for the kids and bring them in, but I have several kids with severe peanut allergies, so I’m really nervous about bringing anything homemade into the classroom! While I was shopping yesterday, I found these little gems and since I knew they were peanut free {PTL!!!}, I thought these would be fun to share! {I saw this cute little idea, HERE. Genius!!!}

mar21i mar21nmar21p

Oh…here’s how our little antonyms turned out. I’m still missing a few of my kids’ feet, so I’ve got a gaping hole in the middle!


Antonym Andy!


Food wasn’t the only thing we worked with today. We also worked on lots of long /a/ activities from my little Long A Kids packet.

mar21e mar21fmar21g mar21h

If you want to make some chef hats for your kiddos, here’s what you’ll need to get started:


A sentence strip, 1 sheet of white tissue paper, and some tape. CHEAP. I had TONS of white tissue paper stored away…you can grab a pack of 50 sheets at the Dollar Tree!

Just take the tissue paper and start bunching it just a *pinch* and as you bunch, secure with tape. Keep on doing this until the first side of tissue paper ends. Now wrap the sentence strip and staple


Now keep on bunching/pinching/taping all the way around the inside of the sentence strip. Once it’s all secure, fluff it and put it on :) SUPER DUPER EASY!


We’re halfway to Friday, sweet friends! I’m off to celebrate with a bowl of cereal and Modern Family :)

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