Monday, March 26, 2012

One of THOSE Days…

Today was one of THOSE days. Not in a terribly bad way…just one of those days. I’m sure you’ve had ‘em, too!

We were up ‘til about 3am this morning with my sweet Landon. I’m SURE he had an allergy induced asthma attack. He hasn’t exactly been diagnosed with asthma…the doctor blew me off when I mentioned it…but my mommy intuition is 100% certain that he has it. When Mr. Spouse gets scared, that’s when I know it’s serious. And it was. My little man was up ‘til all hours of the night…coughing & wheezing something awful fierce…and having trouble breathing in between the crazy fits of coughing. Ugh. We’re back on Zyrtec today and things are looking MUCH better. PTL.

Since I was pretty much dead to the world this morning and functioning on all of about 3 hours of sleep, I left the house and totally forgot ALL of my station work at home. All of my math tubs and literacy stations were sitting on my dryer and I didn’t realize it until it was time to set everything out when I got to school. Yikes! I was SO excited to get started on our weather centers, but we had to postpone our plans until tomorrow. Here’s what we’ll be working on in stations/tubs this week…

WonderfulWeather PicWeather Watcher Math Preview

You can read more about the Math & Literacy centers in my shop!

Instead of having my plans right in front of me, I had to think quick and come up with plans on the fly. I know I’m not the only one who’s ever experienced this phenomenon before. Right?! In a last minute dash to create a little something that would be hands-on, fun, and educational, I came up with these…



The kids had to solve a word problem, write out their thinking in complete{ish} sentences, and then show me a fraction to represent their answer. They had to determine how many carrots Roger Rabbit & Billy Bunny would have if 12 carrots were divided equally. They did awesome! And I love the way they explained their thinking. I LOVE this time of year…they’re such BIG kids now!! I hurriedly cut out all the parts and all the kids had to do was assemble…and cut the green on the carrot.

When it was time for my literacy stations, I got by with a little help from my friends. Thank you Michelle, Kelly & Diane, Abby, & Mrs. Lindsey!!!! Y’all totally saved me this afternoon!!

One of my sweeties brought me these for snack today…


Just incase you’re wondering, these are REAL larva. Like, FOR REAL. I thought this was just one of those random fake type snacks, but not so. Larva was the first ingredient on the list of ingredients on the back of the box!!!!!!!!!!! I had to pretend like I was allergic to larva so that I didn’t feel guilted into giving them a taste. I wouldn’t survive for one hot second on Fear Factor.

I’m planning on getting LOTS more sleep tonight because we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow! I’m officially a “t-ball” mom now and little man has his first practice tomorrow. Okay, so he had his first game last weekend, but with all that crazy weather last week, practice was cancelled. This is the first organized sport little man has played and ohmiword…I LOVE IT!!! And so does he!!! I would’ve bet my life that he would’ve freaked out about staying in the dugout and batting in front of a crowd, but I was oh so wrong. He ate it up and loved every second! Thank the Lord. Sorry, but I think he’s the cutest darn t-ball player I’ve ever seen! HA!


Here’s to having a FULL night’s sleep and a better start to tomorrow than today :) And to having a much better snack than larva ;)

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