Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The cOOkie Monster & A “Bag”pack

We finished up learning about the /oo/ {as in cookie} sound last week and I was so proud of my kiddos when it was time for our spell check on Friday. They did AWESOME!! One of the little activities we did for word work last week was “Feeding the Cookie Monster”. The kids had to sort through /oo/ words on little cookie cut-outs and feed the cookie monster with the cookies that had the /oo/ {as in foot} words.

oo sortoo sort2

Click HERE to download :)

We celebrated our learning with a little “Cookies & Bookies” party on Friday :) {I just passed out cookies while they read during D.E.A.R time. Put the word “party” in front of anything and the kids are bound to think it’s something extra special ;)

I’ve received lots of emails asking about the cute little “bag”packs we made for our kids for Open House. I figured it would be best to share it here just incase anyone else wants to make these for your babies, too!!

You’ll need regular size grocery sacks for this little project. If you’re like me, commission a sweet room mom to cut and assemble all the bags :)

Flip the grocery sack upside down.


Cut across the seam on three sides…the two small sides and one long one.


It should open up like this…


Now lay it flat {with the little mouth wide open} and then fold UP the bottom half toward the center of the bag.


Fold the mouth {the top part that was cut open in the first step} over the bag opening, toward the center of the bag.


You’ll need velcro for this next part. We used the little velcro dots, but any kind will do! Just place both strips of velcro on the underside of the flap/mouth. “Close” the bag and the other end of the velcro will stick to the bag.


The little bottom pouch that was folded UP toward the center can be used to store little items…little art projects, papers, etc.


The pouch on the top will fit all sorts of things, too! Recording sheets, art projects, etc. The kids just LOVED this!!!

For the straps, just flip the bag over and staple to pieces of ribbon to either side of the bag. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!


These really don’t take a long time to make and they can be used for absolutely ANYTHING!!! The girls on my team have been making these for years and they used them as little bug backpacks. TOO cute!!

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