Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stomp Your Feet

I’ve been a little MIA lately. In all honesty, I’ve had the blogging “blahs”. Not a whole lot of motivation to sit down and post anything. I’ve just been lovin’ on my boys and spending an insane amount of my “free” time just having fun with my little family of four {and some out of town visitors, too!!}. Since my last post, things at school have been, ummm…CRAZY. Since Friday, I have…

…sanitzed my hands…and the hands of 17 littles…NO LESS than 2,347 times.

…successfully cleaned up a few cases of the pukies {talk about gag reflex}

…counted 6 kids absent on Friday & Monday…and sent two pukies home today.

…cloroxed {yes, it’s a verb ;)} the desks NO LESS than 100,000 times.

…immediately came home from school 4 days in a row, stripped off my clothes, threw them in the washer, and hightailed it to take the HOTTEST showers before picking up my boys from the sitter.

Did I mention that our sweet little school is experiencing the CRAZIEST bout of sickness EVER?!?! Last Thursday, there were 17 kids throwing up…simultaneously…in the office right before dismissal. On Friday, a little over 300 kids were counted absent…or had gone home due to spilling tummies…before 10 am. Nurses from other schools had to come in and help. Crazy to say the least!! Our sweet little school was even on the news! HA! I’ve never been a germaphobe, but ohmylawd. I think the worst is definitely behind us, but I’m still mentally recovering :)

Anyway, we’ve been *trying* to keep busy learning and here’s a little activity I introduced at the beginning of the week. Our focus vowel digraph this week is /oo/ {as in “cookies”}. Of course, I also thought it was important to reinforce the long /oo/ sound this week too, so we played a little “Stomp the Yard” game that my kids just adored.


I cut out lots of different feet programmed with /oo/ words. I divided the kids into 2 groups…left & right :)…and then each firstie that paired off against each other had to "stomp” the foot that had a word with the same /oo/ sound as in “foot”. If they stomped the correct foot, they got to keep it and their team got a point. After the game, I passed out all the long /oo/ feet that were left over and the kids had to read their feet and then sort the words accordingly. Nothing too cute, but definitely effective!!


This was a great little game for reinforcing the “flip the sound” reading strategy we love so much…and the kids had a blast!! They said we need more, “stomp our feet!!!!” games like this one :) LOVE! Click HERE to download the game & recording sheet.

Hoping to get my blogging motivation back again soon :) I have lots of fun things to share!! We’ve been learning about reptiles, amphibians, and life cycles. And this teacher…who’s oh so terrified of frogs…definitely has one in my classroom! GASP! I also must mention that I’ve successfully managed to kill two tadpoles :/

Happy {almost} end of the week!!

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