Sunday, April 24, 2011

The One With NOTHING Related To Teaching

Hey sweet friends!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!! What a beautiful, stormy day{here in Texas} to celebrate our Savior!


Y’all…straight up…we serve an AWESOME GOD!

I’m currently reading this book & I HIGHLY recommend it!! A Mom After God's Own Heart: 10 Ways to Love Your Children (Geor... Cover Art

My oldest little has been OBSESSED with this sweet Bible…

To hear him retell the story of Jesus is TOO much!!!!!!

I’ve had a few comments and lots of emails from some of you that wanna know where I got this cute birthday shirt for my little itty…


Well, just incase anyone else wants to know, I thought I’d post it here. I got it from the most darling little Etsy shop…FLY DUDS! Super cute, super inexpensive. My kinda shop!! HA!!!

I also got this darling shirt for big brother to match…{My little brother Grant ROCKS!} LOVE!


The owner was a doll and so great to work with!! I ordered these shirts at the last minute and she got them to with a crazy quickness…just in time for the big day {with a day to spare!}

It was a bittersweet weekend for me. I had to say goodbye to a companion I’ve had for the last 7 years…

My sweet little Liberty {aka: Libby Lou}.

I’ve loved her like crazy. She’s been paid off for almost a year. I would’ve driven her A LOT longer if Mr. Spouse didn’t want me to get something new. She was the BEST car EVER. NO complaints {except for the seats…the interior seat material was the WORST!!!}. We were dead set on staying with Jeep. Randomly, I get to test drive lots of different cars {for about a week at a time} and write reviews on them. I’ve had several different Mazdas, a Kia, and a Subaru. Y’all, I was impressed as heck with the Kia. Totally squashed all my former impressions of Kias and what they had to offer. Anywho, because gas is such a dang beating, Jeep was off the table pretty quick {the Commander has TERRIBLE gas mileage!!} We knew we wanted a third row and we narrowed down our choices down to the Mazda CX9 & the Kia Sorento. I LOVED the Mazda {as I have with all the Mazdas I’ve driven}, but y’all…that dang Kia Sorento was just perfect!!! It stole my heart from the minute I sat in it and I never looked back! We drove it off the lot with a whopping 5 miles on it! Take a look at the newest member of our little family.

Meet Pearl…

She’s cute, right?! We’ve already become best friends and my boys just LOVE her! She even talks to me!! And I can stream my Pandora stations {on my iphone} through her speakers!! Can you tell I’m a little excited?!

We have a BUSY week ahead of us for sure…3rd-6th TAKS test {state testing}…field trip to the zoo…and LOTS more!! We’re finally on the downhill slope to the end of the year! CRAZY!!!! Where’d the time go?!?!?!

Hope y’all had a blessed Easter!!!!

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