Friday, June 17, 2011

I’m Still Here

Hi sweet friends! If you’re still reading this little ol’ blog, I’m still here…just enjoying EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND of this beautiful summer! Is it possible to be busier during the summer than the school year because I’m DEFINITELY thinking it is! I miss my sweet kiddos so much {as crazy as that might sound ;)} We had a fun little ice cream party for our end-of-year festivities and my class gifted me with this darling director’s chair! LOVE IT!

{Please excuse the terrible quality of these pictures…they’re all from the phone!}


I even had a sweet mom put together the dang cutest dvd full of pictures from the year all coordinated to music. We watched it during our party and I definitely teared up :) Love the way the cd matches my wall of fame!!!


I had a few emails from some of y’all asking what I give to my room moms at the end of the year. Well…I do something different every year. This year I had 9 moms that were in my room on a weekly basis…helping with publishing, poetry, stations, guided reading, and a slew of other things. I was very blessed! I had to do something for each of them because I wanted to let them know how much I appreciated what they did for me & my kids. I wanted it to be personal and also cost effective. SO, I painted these pots, filled with with cute tissue paper, then I baked some monster cookies and wrapped them up in fabric, and put them inside the pot along with a recipe card for the cookies :) They were a hit!


The week after school let out, I spent a few hours cleaning my classroom…attended an awesome Ruby Payne poverty simulation…and had the most fun at our staff retreat! I absolutely LOVE our staff retreat! I’m such a big nerd!! Those things are always so much fun to me! We did lots of team planning and we already have our grade level theme planned out for the next school year :) Can’t wait to share it with you!

I went to my first ever NBA finals game…Mavs vs. Heat…and had the most fun being rowdy, proud, and LOUD!


Then we celebrated a MAVS CHAMPIONSHIP downtown with some of our closest friends and it was INSANE!!!!! SO much fun!!! GO MAVS!!!!!


My biggest little man started VBS this week and I got to spend lots of QT with my itty bitty. We’ve been getting things ready for my almost 4-year-old’s pirate party coming up next week and I’m dying that I almost have a 4-year-old. Really?! My brother-in-law & sister-in-law & their kids are flying in this weekend to stay through the week and I’m leaving on my own little girls trip Wednesday to get away with some of my close friends for a few kid-free days! Mr. Spouse & I will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary next weekend and then we’re heading out for our annual 18-hour road trip up north to visit his family for a couple of weeks. MY LAWD!!!! No rest for the weary!

I’ve also been OBSESSED with Pinterest and spending all my time falling in love with everything there. You can find me…and all my boards…HERE! Email me if you need an invite. You’re missing out if you’re not on it already!!!!!!

In the meantime, I’m working on lots of fun things for my classroom and to share with you guys, too!! I’ve had lots of emails asking if I take requests for unit ideas & such…I’d be happy to if you’re interested, so let me know what think you need! I have a Back to School unit in the works filled with lots of fun ideas and printables, so be on the lookout for that next month.

I’ll be back soon with a few end-of-the-year memories and ideas for next year! Does anyone else feel like summer is almost already over?! HA!

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