Monday, May 23, 2011

Memories, Like the Corners of My Mind

Does that song remind anyone else of BIG?! Because that’s all I think about when I hear it. That dang Tom Hanks and his cute movies!! Speaking of which, who else begged Santa for an oversized keyboard?! HA!

Okay, so the end of the year is rapidly approaching. For some of us it’s already happened {jealous!!!}. There’s nothing that gets me a little misty-eyed more than thinking about everything that’s happened over the course of the year and how much my firsties have grown. Y’all…I LOVE my kids. And in all honesty…even though right about now they’re *12 kinds of* crazy {thank you, Abby!}…I know I’m gonna miss ‘em like no other when they’re big 'ol 2nd graders. Dangit.

We have an “Autograph Afternoon” coming up next week. Just a little time carved out of our afternoon where we open up our doors, head to the hallways, and let the kids roam around signing each other’s yearbooks. A lot of our babies don’t always get the yearbooks, so it’s a must for us to have a little something for them so that they don’t feel left out. Enter the End of the Year Memory Book :)

Since it’s such a great little keepsake, I have ALL my kids fill one out. As a momma, this is something I know I’d just drool over and keep in a shoebox, staining it with tears as I pore over it’s contents when my boys are all grown up and moved away. Thank the Lord that’s YEARS away :) Anyhow, we’re in the process of working on these as we speak and I thought I’d just share it with you if you want it, too!

You can click on the pic to download your copy, or you can head on over to my little TpT shop and pick it up for FREE!

school memories

In other news,

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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