Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Stopping By…

If anyone is still reading this very, very neglected blog, I’m just stopping by to say “HI!”. When life slows down {AS IF!!!}, I *promise* I’ll be back with something fun :)

Almost ALL of our time at school has been spent getting our firsties ready for our big play this Thursday!! Have any of y’all ever put on the “BUGZ” play with your kids?!?! It’s absolutely PRECIOUS, but ohmiword. “Coaching” 100 first graders…teaching them sweet dance moves…practicing songs…rehearsing lines…is pretty dang intense! It’ll be precious as all get out, but wow…I’ll be happy to get back into a routine {is that even possible the last 3 weeks of school?!?!}

Is it terrible if I tell you that I haven’t been very motivated to do anything *new* and exciting these last few weeks…especially with all this play business?!?!?!. I’ve been pulling out lots of repeat station activities…for both math & literacy…just to make life a little easier. It’s been great review for the kids…especially since we’ve also been knee deep in state testing…but DANG!

This week *might* be my favorite week ever. We have parents bringing us lunch every day this week for our week-late Teacher Appreciation festivities. I enjoyed a yummy lunch from Jason’s Deli today and I’m getting a big fat fajita salad from Mi Cocina tomorrow…my mouth is watering just thinking about it!! HA!! Always thinking about food…probably why I have to wake up so dang early to get to the gym! HA!!

In other news, is anyone else watching the NBA Playoffs?!?! Sorry if any of you are Lakers fans {BOO!! I kid, I kid}, but I gotta give a little shout out to my boys in blue…GO MAVS!!!!! Hopin’ to watch my little Mavs bring home the championship this year!!!! Who’s with me?!?!?

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everyone who’s stopped by my little TpT store to go shopping :) I seriously can’t thank you enough!! I’ll be posting a 50+ page contraction unit in the next couple of days and a “Ice Cream, You Scream” unit will be up for grabs, too! I LOVE ice cream themed activities this time of year!

Hope none of you woke up with a case of the Mondays this morning…only a few more to go!

We can do it!!!

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