Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hoppy Leap Day!

Hoppy Leap Day, sweet friends! Today was a CUH-razy day! Did anyone else feel like that?! I know I can’t be the only one :) We started out our day with a little Leap Day calendar fun and the kids couldn’t wait to learn more about our special day. Since Leap Day is sorta synonymous with frogs, we incorporated lots of frog type activities into our day which is sorta perfect considering we’re right in the midst of our camping theme!

We learned some fun little facts about Leap Day from a few different websites and I kept up this anchor{ish} chart throughout the day so that the kids would have a resource to use in their writing.


We made these hoppy little fellas for a little writing craftivity. Did y’all know that Leap Day babies are called “leapers” or “leaplings”?! I had the kids write about what life would be like if THEY were leapers/leaplings! Their answers were hilarious!


leapday5 leapday6

We also completed the cutest little Leap Day fact book from Miss Davis’ Desk. PRECIOUS!!! Absolutely loved ALL the activities in this little packet!! FULL of fun stuff!!!!!!!

We finished our day with a game of leap frog…kind of. I tricked it up just a bit :) I divided the kids into teams….Team Leap & Team Day :) One player from each team got to go head to head to find the word with the correct sound on the lily pads. Our spelling patterns this week are /oa/ & /ow/. When I introduced the /ow/ pattern, I explained that it can make two sounds. I wrote /ow/ words on the lily pads…each lily pad had a word either /ow/ sound. When I called out a sound to the teams, the players had to LEAP to a word with the correct sound. Such a FUN way to reinforce the different sounds & spelling pattern!!! Some of them were SO excited to be first to land on a lily pad, but they were bummed to find out the word they chose didn’t have the right sound :) They LOVED it!!! We’ll be doing MANY more of these little games with our spelling patterns…the kids were SO engaged!!!!



We also played this little game with numbers, too!! I wrote the numbers 1-28 on each lily pad and the kids had to practice skip counting by 4 by jumping from one lily pad to the next. After that, I called each student up and had them pick out a number. Then I asked them to either move to a number that was 4 more or 4 less than the number they chose. Then they had to give me a number sentence that matched. LOVED IT!!!!!

It was a busy, BUSY day in first grade for sure!! Now I’m at home nursing a very sick little 2-year-old. I picked him up from the sitter this afternoon and he was running a big fever. Our sitter said one of the little girls she watches is at home with the flu which means little mister was definitely exposed. YUCK. We’re about to head out for a night out at our favorite little after hours pediatric care clinic. Boo.

And before I sign off, let’s just take a moment to stop and remember my favorite Monkee, Davy Jones.


What a Daydream Believer. God rest his sweet soul. He was always my most favorite!!!!!!

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