Saturday, February 25, 2012

They Like Me! They Really Do!

My {school} kids, that is. Well, most of them do anyway. 17 out of 23 to be exact. We had a mock election today and the votes were tallied…Mrs. Carroll by a landslide :) This week we learned about our country & state and threw in some fun activities from my little Pint-Sized Presidential Fun Unit. The kids had a blast!


We read these books….one a day…and filled out some fun little graphic organizers.


The kids got to choose one of the characters from each book…Grace, Duck, or {ahem} Mrs. Carroll, y’know, from My Teacher for President :) …to campaign for. We made little campaign posters and hung them all over our room.

DSC_5199 DSC_5200 DSC_5202

DSC_5203 DSC_5204

For our culminating activity, we held a little mock election today and the kids got to vote for either Grace, Duck, or me!! 17 of my little friends voted for me. Those are the 17 I said can stay with me til the end of the year :) HA! Just kidding. Duck got 1 vote, Grace got 2, and one little friend turned in an empty ballot. I guess none of us seemed like good options!!! HA!! 2 of my little friends were at home fighting the flu…BOO.


As the kids were coming up to vote, they had to show me their Voter’s Registration Cards. Hilarious. I was the voting deputy and I sent them “home” {to their desks} if they forgot to bring their cards.

voters1 voters2

They got little “I voted” buttons to decorate when they were finished and then we tallied and graphed the results.


Earlier in the week, my kids wrote about what it would be like if they were President. I got some hilarious answers!!! They did this fun little craftivity from the same unit to go with their writing…

DSC_5235 DSC_5236DSC_5237 DSC_5238

Such a fun week!!!

Next week we’re going camping. Oh, yes friends. CAMPING. In the classroom. And I can’t wait to share our fun with you!!! Stay tuned to see WHOOOOO will be hanging out in our classroom next week :)

DSC_5239 DSC_5241

We’ll be learning about lots of woodlands mammals…life cycles, habitats, and more. We’ll be using lots of fiction & non-fiction books to use with some pretty stinkin’ cute craftivities that I’ll be sharing with y’all. This past week, I introduced the difference between fact & opinion with some activities from my Fact & Opinion Fun Unit and we’ll continue that as we move into our fiction & non-fiction fun next week.

We’re also starting fractions!!!! Last year I was TERRIFIED to teach fractions, but it turned out to be SO much fun!!! We’re bustin’ out a lot of the activities from my Fraction Action Unit and I can’t wait to get started!! I’ve got my Domino’s pizza boxes waiting in the wings for some fun pizza style fraction activities next week. We’ll also be making our little “fractionpillars” which will fit in great with the little camping unit we’re doing!


Yeeks!! I can’t wait!!! S’mores, tents, campfires…I’m getting’ a little excited people!!

Why are the short weeks always the longest?! For real?!?! I couldn’t be happier it’s the weekend & I’m SO excited about my little lunch date today with two of my teaching heroes…Kelly & Diane from Made for 1st Grade!!!! They’re here in the Metroplex and I can’t wait to spend an afternoon with them at my favorite little Mexican restaurant! Good food & teacher talk?! Sounds like a perfectly perfect Saturday to me!!! SO pumped!!!

Hope y’all have a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Only 2 more full weeks of school until Spring Break, but who’s counting?!?!?!

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