Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meeting Two of My Favorites :)

A few weeks ago, sweet Diane from Made for 1st Grade emailed me to say she & Kelly would be visiting my old stomping grounds…Denton…for a weekend full of softball games and wanted to know if I’d want to meet up for lunch. A chance to meet two of my teaching heroes?! Of course, I was all over it! I couldn’t wait!! We met at my favorite little restaurant and spent several hours talking a million miles a minute…they are amazing!!! And just as sweet as could be!!! After lunch, the girls let me tag-a-long with them to go shopping. While we were out, we texted Abby to let her know we found this cute little number we thought she should add to her unitard collection :)


Our day started at 1 and ended around 7:30 and I’m pretty sure we could’ve shopped…and talked…a lot longer! As we were ending our day of fun, we grabbed a guy at a kiosk to take our picture and laughed that we should’ve snapped a shot earlier in the day when we were “fresh” :)


I can’t tell you how much I admire these women! Their materials and ideas literally SAVED my life this year as I was struggling to adapt to a very spirited class and limited on the time I had to create new things to fit the WIDE range of learning needs in my room. I would email them a million ridiculous questions about all sorts of different things and they always took the time out to email me such detailed and thoughtful answers. They completely changed the way I do my literacy rotations, too!! I just adore them!!!! And they were so sweet to bring me the most creative little sussy, too! Love it!!



Such a fabulous weekend with two of my favorites :) I can’t wait to do it again!!

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