Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Grinch Day!

Happy Grinch Day, friends!!


Here’s my sweet team all decked out in our Grinch Day duds. We celebrated “Grinch Day” today and the kids got in on all the fun, too!! They came dressed in green and some of our little cuties even painted their faces and sported Cindy Lou’s hairstyle. TOO cute!

Of course, we started out the day by reading the book…


Then we brainstormed a list of adjectives to describe the Grinch…


{I tried my best to draw him, but not so sure I did him justice. And please excuse the handwriting!} Not so sure that “teethy” is a word, but my little sweetie who offered it up was just certain that it is!!! She INSISTED we include it :)

We also brainstormed a list of adjectives to describe the Grinch’s heart {at the beginning of the story}


Then I had the kids write similes comparing the Grinch and his heart to different things using the prompt, “The Grinch was as __________ as _________. His heart was as _________ as _________.” They had to choose adjectives from our brainstorm charts and make up their own similes. They LOVED this activity!!


“The Grinch was as green as grass. His heart was as small as a mouse.”

The kids also did this cute little writing activity. "I would make a Grinch grin by….” Their responses were so clever!!! Here are a few of my favorites! {Even though a couple are missing their noses…}


Handwriting, letter formation, and spelling are still a work in progress :)

Deanna Jump has an AWESOME Grinch mini-unit and we incorporated lots of her activities into our fun filled day as well!!! Go and grab your copy NOW!!


At the end of the day, I passed out “Grinch-licked” candy canes to all the kids along with these fun little tags I made. They were SUCH a HIT!!!!


You can download the tags HERE.

There are lots of activities we didn’t get around to, but hopefully we can fit them in, soon…or maybe next year!!! Here are just a few…

**Write about why you think the Grinch hated Christmas…

**The Grinch is all about the JOY of Christmas. Spell out the word JOY in big bubble letters. Draw a picture of yourself in the center of the “O”…or glue a picture of yourself inside. Fill the bubble letters up with words of things that bring you joy.

**Write a Grinch How-To {How to be a Grinch}

**Another simile activity… “The Grinch’s heart grew to be as big as a ________.”

**Create a class book – “Mr. Grinch, Please Don’t Steal Our Stuff!”. The kids complete the sentence prompt, “Mr. Grinch, please don’t steal my _________.” and illustrate their writing.

**If you don’t like the candy cane idea, pass out “Grinch Dust” to the kids. Fill a baggie with green sprinkles and attach this poem…

TO make sure the Grinch doesn’t steal your Christmas, you have to stay on guard. Before going to bed on Christmas Eve, sprinkle this Grinch Dust in your yard. The Grinch will see your magic dust and know you’ve taken care. To protect your home & family and keep Christmas joy in the air!

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