Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FAQ’S {The Miscellaneous Edition}

I've had lots of emails recently about lots of different things, so I figured I'd do a little Q&A incase anyone else would like the info :)

Q: Thank you for all of your downloads! Sometimes when I print them, I get a barcode looking thing that shows up on the file or a line that goes through the whole document. Any ideas?

A: Yes. Technology stinks. Just kidding...but'll need to click "Download" instead of "Print" to make sure you get a "clean" version of the files. That should clear up the problem...and if it doesn't, just email me & I'll send you what you need!

Q: LOVE your Brag Tags!!! Where did you get them?

A: I'd love to take credit for this fab idea, but I can't :) It's a school wide initiative sponsored by our PTA. You can order them through I hear they're great to work with and they've got a really fast turnaround, too!!

Q: What curriculum do you you use for math? What about for writing/reading?

A: Our district rocks!! We use HSP & Think Math for our Math curriculum and Pearson Scott Foresman Reading Street for Reading. We structure our literacy block like the Daily 5 & we follow the Lucy Caulkins format for Writer's Workshop. In addition to all that, we’re encouraged to use ANY resources we have access to for teaching our objectives!

Q: What are those cute matching t-shirts in your Thanksgiving pictures? Do those have your name on them?!

A: Those little red cuties are our class shirts! Aren't they precious?! This year the whole grade level went with the same t-shirt & each tee has the teacher's name on them along with the phrase “Standing Tall in First Grade” {the 1st Grade theme this year is “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon”.} Last year, we all had different t-shirts {colors, themes, etc.} and those were precious, too!! I had a jungle themed classroom and my tee said, “Mrs. Carroll’s Critters” with this darling little Paul Frank bus full of animals! But I REALLY love this year's look!

Q: What fonts are you using?

A: My favorite fonts are the DJ fonts. I mostly use Doodle Tipsy, DJ Doodlers, DJ Light, DJ Daze, & CK Handprint {Click HERE to find Tipsy, Doodlers, & Handprint}. I also LOVE Balker and Champagne & Limousines for your average everyday print style fonts :) I have a TON of fonts downloaded, but these are the ones I find myself using the most!

Q: I love your clip art and pictures! What program are you using to create your documents?!

A: Thank you! Wish I could take credit for the clip art cuteness, but all credit goes to DJ Inkers & Thistlegirl Designs. I've also recently been using Scrappin Doodles and OH.MY.WORD. Cuteness out the wazoo. I create all of my documents in Power Point because it's the easiest for me to use :) I save everything as PDF to share on the web and I use Google Docs to upload for downloading. Clear as mud, right?!

Q: You have a lot of hands-on activities. How do you store them all?

A: I store all of my materials in the big 9x12 tabbed envelopes. I'll use jumbo sized Ziplock baggies if the activities don't fit into the envelopes. I'm sure there are easier ways to store things, but that's how I've been doing it since I started teaching! I'd love new ideas for organization {hint, hint ;)}

Q: Where do you teach?

A: In the great state of Texas! A little suburb north of Dallas to be exact :) Any Texas girls/guys out there?! It's a little too cold here right now. When the temperature falls below 80, you might as well hand me my parka. Recess duty + cold & wind = NO fun!!!

Q: When will you be sharing your Christmas ideas? I need to save room for them in my plans!

A: HA!! I'm all over the place with this one! I've got tons of activities I'm dying to share...I'm just REALLY behind on getting everything together! I haven't been around a computer for the last week, so I'm playing catch-up! Here are some things we'll be learning about & using for "themes"...holidays around the world, reindeer, the Grinch, If You Take A Mouse To The Movies, gingerbread, Cowboy Christmas, traditional Christmas...I think that's it. Our objectives are long vowels, plurals, graphing, fact families, addition/subtraction, force/matter/motion, customs/traditions, probability…I know I’m forgetting a few! How many days until Christmas break?!?!

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