Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!

Celebrating Thanksgiving with my first graders has been, by far, my favorite thing yet! As a culminating activity to our Thanksgiving unit, we had a giant Thanksgiving feast to celebrate the season. We made pilgrim hats & bibs and Indian headbands & vests to wear for the occasion. Well…actually…because there was SO dang much to do these last couple of weeks {Veteran’s Day, VIP Day, Thanksgiving Feast, etc."}, my class didn’t exactly get around to the Indian vests. That also has something to do with the fact that I couldn’t cut one the right way to save my life!! The fun feast was catered by one of my favorites…Dickey’s!!!!…and the kids dined on turkey, ham, mac & cheese, green beans, rolls, and homemade cookies {one of the sweet first grade moms made peanut free chocolate chip cookies for the WHOLE grade level…and they were GOOD!} It was such a fun experience for both the kids and their parents…us too!! Can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with my littles again next year!

We read a story about the first Thanksgiving before heading out to the feast. It was fun to hear the kids throw in little facts here and there remembering what we’ve learned these last couple of weeks!


My sweet class…the dang cutest pilgrims I’ve ever seen!


The “tables” & placemats were set up in the first grade hallway so we could ALL eat together :)


The kids were served by our sweet moms and they just thought it was the coolest thing ever!!


Such a fun way to tie up everything we’ve learned!!



Our school held it’s annual Grandparent’s/VIP Day on Friday. This is a day that all the kids, one class at a time, perform songs for their V.I.P’s. {coordinated by our music teacher} This is a HUGE event at our school. After the performance, the parents/grandparents/family members come back to the kids’ classrooms to see all their work and then the kids can leave with their guests for an off campus lunch…and then stay gone for the rest of the day {if they want}. Needless to say, I LOVE this day! A lot goes into getting ready for this special day. My kids wrote about their favorite memory with their VIP and illustrated their writing and we made sure to display all their hard work around the classroom. My favorite was the way we set up their desks. Since we loved those Mayflowers so much, we decided to let them “sail” on their desks…


It was a HUGE hit with our VIP’s!!! We’ll definitely do this again next year!! Loved it!

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