Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Few More Math Ideas Before The Holidays

Here are a couple more ideas for you to *squeeze in* {HA!!!} before Thanksgiving break :)

How funky is your turkey?! Here’s a little fact family activity your kids will love! Each kiddo gets a half circle {turkey body} and a triangle {turkey head}. The kids take two dice and roll. Let’s say they roll a 4 & 2. They have to add the numbers together to get the sum {third #}. They write these numbers in each corner of the turkey head with the sum sitting in the beak. Then the kiddos take 4 different feathers and write a different number sentence on each to match the fact family in the turkey head :) They’ll assemble the turkey and make as many as they can in the time they have for math tubs :) I don’t have a template for this…I just traced a paper plate cut out lots of circles, and then cut those in half. Then I cut triangles to fit, beaks to fit on the triangles, and then feathers. The kids will cut and assemble their own legs & feet.


If you’re ready for a little estimation practice, then this little activity would be perfect! Set out a few little cups filled with corn kernels. The kids have to use the kernels to estimate the amount it would take to fill four different workspaces…then they have to count and record the actual number. This little activity comes with the workspaces & a recording sheet.




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