Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Time For Turkeys

We have been busy this month!! We’ve been learning about a little bit of everything from turkeys, to pilgrims, to the Mayflower. Here are just a couple of little things we’ve been doing with turkeys…with LOTS more to come!!!

We were working on “long a” this week and our chunks were –ake, –ate, & –ave. So I made these fun little word family turkeys and had the kids write words to match each turkey on colorful little feathers! They LOVED it!!


I also included a set of turkeys with nothing typed in the bellies….just incase you’d want to program them yourself :)wordfamilyturkeys

We read the book, Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving…nightbeforethxgvg

…and followed up with this fun little activity! One of the teachers on our team had this fun little turkey template, so I had the kids make their own turkeys and then wrote a little “picket sign” for the turkeys to hold…Chick Fil A style ;) Each of their signs started with, “Eat more…” and they had to fill in the rest. You can’t see it too well, but this one says, “Eat more mackinchees!” {mac & cheese}. Then we hung them from the ceiling!


We’re also in the midst of preparing for our big Thanksgiving feast next week, so we had the kids do a little handwriting/art activity that will be laminated and used as their placemats for the feast. They turned out so dang cute!!



I love this time of year!!

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