Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anytime Math

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like you’re just behind?! I had to jet outta school early on Friday because BOTH my sweet boys were sick with a 24 hour tummy bug…my oldest one {3 years old}, threw up for the first time. Poor baby!! ANYWAY…Mommy had to leave early and come to the rescue :) Then my sweet family came in town to celebrate Halloween with our little family of 4, so needless to say…I’m BEHIND this week!!! I knew this was the perfect week to pull out my “anytime math” stations!! I love the kind of activities you can just pull out when you’re in a bind! And thankfully, the kids love ‘em too!!


Roll & Remove. This is a fun little game played with number dice, a game board, counters, and two players. Both players start with a counter covering each number of their number line. Each player rolls the dice and adds the two numbers together to find out which counter to remove. If the player rolls a sum that’s already been removed from his/her number line, the player loses a turn and passes the dice. The first player to remove all of his/her counters from their number line wins the game! This has been an awesome activity for reinforcing “counting on”. We talked about starting with the highest number and counting on from that number. They’re doing so well!!




This little activity is called ‘Missing Part’. The object of this activity is to match the missing number to the number card. The numbers are in the form of pictures and the sum is programmed at the top of the card. As the kids match the missing part, they have to record a number sentence on a corresponding recording sheet. They’re doing great with this activity and they’re really being challenged to think!! Love it!!


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