Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Behavior Management

Since I have a “Sassy Hollywood Glam” theme in my classroom this year, I knew I wanted my behavior management to reflect the theme. Of course, I was stumped when it came to ideas, so I hopped online and found lots of different ideas. This is my variation on what I found.



{Our Students Can Act Responsibly}

The kids start out on the Red Carpet every morning. When their behavior becomes disruptive and/or unkind, they have to move their clips to the appropriate clapboard. Each clip is numbered and every student has a number. They keep their clips inside their book baskets in their cubbies.


Move your clip to…

Take 1! ~ Verbal Warning, Remember to make better choices!

Take 2! ~ Owe Mrs. Carroll 2 tickets, 5 minutes out of recess

Take 3! ~ Owe Mrs. Carroll 3 tickets, 10 minutes out of recess, Sign Communication Report

CUT! ~ Owe Mrs. Carroll 5 tickets, 15 minutes out of recess, NO Fun Friday, Visit with the principal, Call home to parents

If a student has to move their clip to Take 1!, they can move back to the Red Carpet if they turn their behavior around. However, if they make another sad choice later in the day, they directly go to Take 2 and no moving back :( If students are going above and beyond, staying off the clapboards all week, they get an Oscar award at the end of the week. I give out Oscars during the week, too!


Students also get “tickets” to spend on coupons redeemable at my “Concession Stand” on Fridays. They can earn tickets, and tickets can be taken away. Here are some of my incentives. Would LOVE to hear more ideas!!!

They get to take their pick between the two options listed next to each ticket amount…they don’t get BOTH!!!

5 tickets ~ Wear a hat or silly socks to school

Candy from my penny candy jar

10 tickets ~ Choose a prize from the treasure box

Bring a pillow or stuffed animal to school

15 tickets ~ Wear your slippers to school day

Sit by a friend all day

20 tickets ~ No shoes day

Wear your pajamas to school

25 tickets ~ Write with markers all day

Free art pass

30 tickets ~ Sit at Mrs. Carroll’s desk for the day

Pencil sharpener pass

35 tickets ~ Extra time in the library

Assistant Director: Mrs. Carroll’s special assistant

40 tickets ~ Read to a Kindergarten class

Take home a class game for the night

45 tickets ~ Extra recess

Free choice time

50 tickets ~ Sonic slush

Lunch date with Mrs. Carroll and a friend

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