Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reader’s Response

Every kid in our classroom has a Reading Response Journal. Depending on the entry, we’ll usually work our Reader’s Response into the writing station OR we’ll etch out a little time during Writer’s Workshop to add to our journals. I usually complete an entry under my ELMO so that they can watch the process. I talk my way through it as well. This is a great opportunity to reinforce various writing/reading skills…neat handwriting, use of capital letters at the beginning of every word in the title, underlining the title, author/illustrator, two-finger spaces, punctuation, etc. This is an awesome way to document their growth throughout the year and it makes the most PRECIOUS keepsake!

Here’s a little peek into our journals…


This was our first journal entry. We read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. The kids copied the title and the author and we discussed underlining the title, starting each word in the title with a capital letter, capitalizing the author’s first and last name, etc. Then they traced their hands and glued a paper heart in the middle. Just a quick little reflection based on what we read!

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