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Meet The Teacher Ideas & Downloads

Can y’all believe Meet the Teacher night is right around the corner?! For some of us, it’ll be here much sooner than later. I was going through some of my files and came across my “Meet the Teacher” packet, so I thought I’d share it with y’all incase y’all can put any of it to use.
Our Meet the Teacher night always falls on a Thursday. That’s kinda genius if you ask me. It gives me the entire next day to organize and {inevitably} change name tags of the kids who go by another name than the one listed on my roster :) I love getting to meet my new cast and get a feel for the dynamic of my classroom (which is always a little scary to think about, eh?!) Here’s how the night typically plays out…
The kids come in, give me big hugs, and find their desks. Supply packets are placed in each kids’ seat {of the kids who pre-ordered} and I set out an envelope of school paperwork and another little packet of paperwork and info from me.
This is a little checklist of “to-do’s” that sits on top of their desk, also. This is great to have out just incase I’m talking to one family as another one comes in. I don’t have to repeat myself all night!

The kids have to sort their own supplies which I LOVE. I use to do this all by myself…and then I got smart. I have TONS of baskets {hello, Dollar Tree!!!} and I label each basket with a little index card…erasers, pencils, folders, crayons, markers, etc…whatever supplies they have in their packets. The kids have to sort ALL of their supplies and put the supplies in the labeled baskets. LOVE it.

Right underneath that little checklist, I have two forms that MUST be filled out before they leave. One is a transportation form the school gives us for the parents to fill out and the other is this little student information sheet. I’m sure we all have one similar to this! Just incase you need a new one, you can click the pic to download.

The transportation list that the school gives us is broken up into three sections…first day, first week, remainder of school year. I take all the transportation lists and then make three copies of the master list below. One for the first day, one for the first week, and then one for the remainder of the year. I keep the “remainder of the year” copy in my student info folder, by our door, and in the sub binder. Click on the pic to download your copy.

Then I have a cutesy little “Welcome to First Grade!” packet that I put together for the parents to take home & read. I buy the fun little bordered paper at the teacher store to run off for the cover…I just type, “Welcome to First Grade” in a cute little font on the front, and at the bottom I type my name, school phone number, and my email address.
The first page of the packet is a little “Meet the Teacher” bio type sheet. One of my favorite things about teaching is getting to know my kiddos and their families. I like having close relationships with my parents, so I always like for them to know a little bit about me…and I have a little first day activity I like to do with my kids where I sorta quiz them about some of that info :)
Graphic courtesy of Scrappin Doodles

Next up, my class schedule.
Graphics courtesy of Thistle Girl Designs

A lot of firsties have older siblings who’ve already passed through the grade level, but a lot of our families are first grade newbies, so I like for my parents to have this “What is My Child Learning in First Grade?” handout so they get the gist of what we’re all about in 1st. I did something almost identical when I taught Kindergarten and the parents loved it! I run a two sided copy so I don’t waste too much paper :) Click on either pic to download.

I also like for my kids…and parents…to have an idea of what my behavior expectations are like, so I add this little sheet to the packet, too.

The next couple of pages are for the parents to fill out and return to school with their kids the following week. I LOVE this “Getting to Know Your Child” questionnaire. As you know, when you have 22+ kids in your class, it can take a while to get to know each kid…what motivates them, what are their interests, etc. This really helps me to get to know my kids before I really get to know them. And it helps me understand what the parents are like, too!!! I make a double-sided copy of this form and put it in their portfolios when I get them back. You can click on either pic to download a copy for yourself.

I also send home this volunteer sheet. There are lots of volunteer opportunities and always lots of parents who can’t wait to help. I combine these and use them to make a master list of volunteers and how they’re willing to help and then pass that info along to my room mom(s), then they coordinate the volunteers for the year :) I know that you might have different volunteer opportunities at your school, but feel free to download this if you think you can use it! Just click on the pic!!
All the downloads are in black and white because I like to print everything on colored paper. Wal Mart has huge packs of multi colored printing paper for cheapo, so I use that for all the copies. And it’s just more fun when it’s colorful! HA!
I like to 3-hole punch my “Welcome to First Grade!” packets and tie them together with cutesy ribbon. Time consuming and unnecessary?! YES. Cute?! Absolutely?! And it makes a fun little first impression :)

Okay…now I’m all sweaty and I feel like I’m gonna be sick. Do I seriously only have a few weeks before it’s time to go back!?!? NOT.READY.AT.ALL!!!!!!!

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