Saturday, July 9, 2011

When Virtual Meets Reality

Since I started this little teaching blog about a year ago, I’ve “met” lots of wonderful teachers…virtually, of course. Between reading about their posts, talking through email, and sharing ideas, you can definitely feel like you really “know” your bloggy friends! So, it wasn’t weird for me at all to ask my sweet friend, Abby, to meet me in Ohio for a little afternoon rendezvous :) We’re still up north, so we met half way at a little Panera in Dayton to have lunch at talk the day away. I gotta say that I felt like I was meeting a celebrity!! I was *12 kinds* of nervous ;) HA!

Four hours later, we were exchanging hugs and promising to do it again soon!! And the crazy thing is, we probably could’ve stayed for another 4 hours!! I think it’s safe to say we both really love to talk :) For those of y’all that love Abby as much as I do, yes, she’s genuinely that darling, and precious, and sweet, and funny in person as she is on her blog{s}. We were BFF in no time ;) Such a fun afternoon!!

Thanks, sweet friend!!


You can read all about Abby at Babbling Abby and check out all of her darling classroom ideas and activities at The Inspired Apple.

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