Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wandering Wednesday…on a Thursday :)

Alright, so last week I was immersed in “World Series Wednesday”. Mr. Spouse threw a little Texas Rangers watching party, so I was otherwise occupied. Last night, I decided to fall asleep…fully clothed {shoes & all}…on the couch at 9:00. Did I mention the laptop was in my lap and my fingers were on the keys when I passed out?! WORN right the heck out! So, I’m here tonight to bring you a little Wandering Wednesday action on a Thursday night.

First up, I had a lot of sweet friends recently email me to ask about our little Pumpkin Journal we used for our Pumpkin Day last year, so I posted it to TpT. You can grab it for $2.50 if you’re interested. Here’s a little sneak peek…

Pumpkin Investigation Preview JPEG

Now let’s get to tourin’ before I fall asleep again, shall we?!

First stop, Allison over at Climbing the Monkey Bars.


Allison is a Kindergarten teacher from upstate New York and recently started blogging back in August. Even though Allison is *semi* new to the blogging scene, she’s got some precious ideas and fun activities to share!

One of my favorites is this darling Rhyming Dust Bunnies activity. This craftivity goes along with a darling little book and I seriously LOVE this!!


I also love this printable little packet she has {for free!} all about bats & owls.


And I’m pretty sure I’ll be decorating my classroom with these sponge painted leaves her class created! Adorable!


Stop by Allison’s little neck of the woods, say hello, and don’t forget to follow!!!

Next up, Johanna from Fanatically First Grade.


Johanna is a first grade teacher who is sharing some really fantastic things on her blog! You gotta check it out and see for yourself!!

I LOVE these {free} Common Core math vocabulary cards…perfect for posting on your math word wall or bulletin board!


This fun little “Ana Log” clock game is awesome!! Just downloaded my own {free} copy, thankyouverymuch.


I’m also lovin’ this fun little pattern game board!! ANOTHER free download!


Head on over, say hi to Johanna, and don’t forget to follow!!

Last stop, sweet Ffion over at The First Grade Jungle!


Love this girl! Ffion is a first grade teacher FULL of fabulous ideas! I swear every time I see one I get this “DUH!!!” moment goin’ on! I’m all, “why didn’t I think of that?!” HA! The last few ideas she’s posted make me smile! Like this one…

Y’all…it’s a flippin’ Doubles Fact Ipod! LOVE! {TOTALLY “borrowing” this idea!}


This is such a super cute anchor chart! Love it!!


And I LOVE the way she does her fix-it-ups! Awesome idea!


If you haven’t stopped by yet, you should. Stop in, say hello to sweet Ffion, and don’t forget to follow!!

Hope y’all enjoyed the tour! Now it’s time for some Ranger baseball! Sorry all you Cardinal fans…I’m thinkin’ our little Rangers *might* have to bring home the WIN tonight!!!! GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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