Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Classroom Update {iPhone Style}

I’ve been TERRIBLE about remembering to take my camera up to school. Terrible. I think I’m sleepwalking in the mornings before I get to the gym because I rarely remember to bring what I need. If it’s not packed in the car and ready to go the night before, then I will…inevitably…leave it at home. Lunches included :/ The one thing I never forget…because we’re super attached at the hip…is my trusty little iphone. So here’s a little classroom update iphone style.

Halloween was SO much fun! My cute student teacher read this story to the kids…


Talk about old school ;) Ha! Seriously though…it’s a cute little story about a mysterious person who goes around the town and smashes pumpkins on Halloween. We had the kids draw their own pumpkins and while they were at specials, the “pumpkin smasher” ripped them up and left a little surprise on their desk. She even left some caution tape on our door :)


Of course, the kids weren’t convinced that it was the pumpkin smasher, so my student teacher and I had to do some pretty serious acting to get them to buy our little story. 99.5% of my class eventually bought it…hook, line, and sinker. Kinda cute. Before they believed, we had them piece their pumpkins back together on a big sheet of construction paper and then write about who they think “smashed” their pumpkins while they were gone. Bless their hearts. Their writing was SO funny!!


We also did a little riddle writing this week. We’re getting into describing characters, so I decided to introduce this concept by having the kids write riddles to describe themselves. Their prompt was, “Trick or treat, smell my feet. Guess who’s hiding under the sheet.” They had to write a few sentences describing themselves using only clues. Then they had to draw a picture of themselves and “hide” it under the sheets :) They did SO well with this!!!


Now, these DARLING projects aren’t mine, but gosh darn…they are PRECIOUS!!!! My sweet friend who teaches next door had a mom who wanted to come in and make these with her kids. Ohmiword…SO adorable! And simple, too!!


As if Halloween wasn’t enough this week, today we celebrated our 50th day! It was a non-stop day completely full of chaos & learning and we had a BLAST! Our morning was filled with 50th day math games & activities.


We searched the web for pictures of games, cartoons, tv shows, clothing, hairstyles, cars, malt shops, and LOTS more from the 50’s. We did a little Kids in the 50’s/Kids Now venn diagram and then we made this little poodle skirt/rolled jeans writing craftivity.


We celebrated our 50th day with a round of root beer floats and did a little how-to writing craftivity to follow it all up.


Our little “How to Make a Root Beer Float” organizer.


The kids made their own float shaped how-to’s and took home all their work in a little 50th day fun pocket.


All of these activities came from my little 50th day unit. You can check it out HERE if you’re interested.

It was a BIG day! I’m DYING that we’ve got 2 weeks left until Thanksgiving break. Where’s the year going?!?! I mean, I’m definitely not complaining, but ohmiword. FLYING.BY.

I’m so looking forward to waking up to my favorite little red cup in the morning.


Oh how I LOVE this time of year!!!

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