Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Littlest Pilgrim, Symmetrical Turkeys, and Scarecrows…OH MY!

You guys *might* remember these little guys from last year…


We made a whole new set of symmetrical turkeys today and the kids were SO intense! We talked a TON about the concept of symmetry and then I sent the kids off to make their own symmetrical patterns {for turkey feathers}. LOVE how different each one turned out!


I forgot to mention that we did our fun little pumpkin adjective/simile activity last week. It went along perfectly with Abby’s recent pumpkin activities!


{The purple words describe the OUTSIDE of the pumpkin and the green words describe the INSIDE.}

There’s nothin’ cuter than scarecrows this time of year and we made the CUTEST scarecrows to hang in the halls. This cute little craftivity was the brain child of my team leader. LOVE. First, we read this book…


We talked about character/setting/problem/solution and then I had the kids write about each story element on a large piece of construction paper. When they were finished writing, they turned their paper over and turned it into “The Little Scarecrow Boy”!!!! Too stinkin’ cute!



One of our literacy/reading objectives this week is to describe characters in a story. First, we read this book…


And then we filled a little character chart with words describing the main character, Mini.


It was a little challenging to get the kids to think about words to describe her…they immediately wanted to talk about how she looked {brown hair, peach skin, girl, she wore a bonnet, etc.} After talking to them about WHO she was and now HOW she looked, they were able to come up with some really great descriptions!!! Once we filled out our little character chart, I had the kids make a little pilgrim peekover and write three complete sentences describing Mini {the main character}. They turned out so cute!! The kids did a GREAT job on this little writing project!



Now we’re busy getting ready for our 1st grade Thanksgiving feast next week!! If you need some fun Thanksgiving activities, check out what we did last year…HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. You *might* find something you can use!

And if you’re in need of some Thanksgiving themed math tub & literacy center activities, I’ve got a unit ready to go! However, my dang computer is throwing all kinds of hissy fits right now and I CAN’T UPLOAD it to TpT!!!! Darnit! It contains 10 math tub activities, word problems, and 10 literacy center activities & writing prompts. I’m *hoping* to have it up by tomorrow if I can get things to start working!!!

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