Monday, November 21, 2011

Brain Potpourri and Christmas at my House

I’m sure there’s lots of teaching related items I could blog about tonight, but I’m just not feelin’ it. So here’s just a little brain potpourri for the night…

1. I went and had my hair done today. First time in TWO years. For real. Actually, 2 years and 3 weeks, but who’s counting?! It was LONG overdue. I even got some color. First time my hair has ever been colored! I’ve got a nice crop of gray hair that I color in each morning with dark eyeshadow & a brush :) I figured it was time to get something a little more “permanent”…or at least something that doesn’t brush off by noon. I LOVE IT.


I know the difference isn’t TOO noticeable, but my LAWD. I can tell a difference and I guess that’s really all that matters?! But now that I’m looking at a side by side, I’m wishin’ I would’ve gone about a shade or two darker…with some light brown mixed in. I’m thinkin’ that coloring your hair is like the tattoo effect. When you get one tattoo, all of a sudden you want about 5 more. When you get your hair colored, you want to go about 5 shades darker…or lighter…the next time you visit. Does that even make any sense?!

2. I had two little photo shoots scheduled for yesterday and today. I was rained out BOTH times. Did I mention that it NEVER rains here?! As in, we’re in a Stage 3 water restriction right now. Serious drought. And then both of my sweet families were totally rained out as we were shooting! Thanks Texas.

3. I started the South Beach diet about 2 weeks ago. Not necessarily to lose weight, just to make more room in my Thanksgiving pants :) Actually, I’m hypoglycemic and I’ve been suffering from serious dizziness and bouts of lightheadedness in the last few months. Scary. The South Beach diet is a low glycemic diet and I swear it’s cured me. Symptom free for the last few weeks and I haven’t felt this good in forever!! An added bonus is that I’ve lost a few nagging pounds of baby weight that wouldn’t go away since baby #2 was born. {By the way, can I technically call it ‘baby weight’ if my “baby” is already 2 1/2???} I’m ready to gain it all back on Thursday…CAN’T.WAIT.

4. Does anybody else brave the crowds on Black Friday?? My mom and I do every year. It’s a tradition. We wake up late, go eat lunch, shop around, go eat again, shop a little more, and eat another late night “snack”. Can you see a little pattern here?! Our Black Friday is all about eating and getting good deals, but we don’t necessarily get any Christmas shopping done :)

5. I used to be one of those people who liked to celebrate one holiday at a time. And I swear I still am. But I’ve now turned into the person who takes down Halloween on November 1st and immediately puts up Christmas {Christmas music included}. My house is officially…and *almost* completely decorated for Christmas. And it has been for the last two weeks. Annoying, I know. But we don’t have any lights put up outside, so it doesn’t make me feel as bad.

6. Mr. Spouse made me put up a “fun” tree this year. He said our living room tree is too formal and the boys needed something for themselves. I didn’t argue. I’ve had this “extra” tree since college and I like to call it my Charlie Brown tree. It looks pretty scary right now…still got some work to do!! HA!


My boys pick out their own ornaments every year {I want to have a collection to give them when they get older}. This is one of the ornaments my oldest picked out this year…


Ummmm. Really?! Trust me when I tell you that he had a great reason. The dang donut in the middle. Little stinker.

This is my living room tree. Nothing fancy, but I loves. And I tried a spray on the top this year instead of a star. Does it look wretched?? Too much?? Tell me, please. I *think* I like it, but I could just have my mommy goggles on :)


7. I have a serious Santa obsession. I can’t stop collecting. I’m like the crazy cat lady, only with Santas.



Speaking of Santa, this is my FAVORITE picture of all time. This was my boys with Santa two years ago. BEST.PICTURE.EVER. I totally made this into our Christmas card that year. I still have it hanging on the fridge :)


8. My favorite Christmas decoration is this nativity. This is NOT Mr. Spouse’s favorite. Not because it’s a nativity, but the Willow Tree figurines creep him out because they’re faceless. Bless him. I think he’s slowly warming up to it a little bit more every year.


9. My favorite Christmas song of all time is “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by Leon Redbone & Zoey Deschanel. It has to be THAT version though. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” ranks a VERY close 2nd. I’ve recently discovered Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” and let’s just say that it’s quickly climbing the charts. Mr. Spouse is NOT impressed.

10. My favorite Christmas movie is Elf. Ohmiword. Absolute favorite. It makes me cry EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I watch it. Let me also tell you that I can’t start the season withouth Miracle on 34th Street {the newer version}, Family Man, and Home Alone. Oh, how I LOVE Home Alone. My sister is obsessed with A Christmas Story. Can I tell y’all that I’ve NEVER watched that movie the whole way through?!?!? Am I really missing out?!?!?!

I’m sure this is more than you ever wanted to know. Kudos to you if you made it this far! HA!

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