Sunday, January 8, 2012

Frosty & Friends and Sunday Randomness

I think I’m coming down with something. Could be a case of the Mondays, the mid-year blues, a little bit of both, or something flu-ish. Ick. I’ve been getting random migraine{ish} headaches this weekend and I’ve been SOOOOOOO unusually tired. Not too tired to stay up ‘til 2am on Friday night/Saturday morning watching “The Help”, though. Ohmiword. Might be the best movie I’ve ever seen {not counting Tommy Boy, of course ;)} I cried like a dang baby. That one chick in the movie was a straight up meanie. She made me so dang mad. Minnie *might* have been my favorite character…the scene with the pie made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. That was hardcore. I swear I didn’t want to movie to end!!! So dang good!! Still haven’t read the book…and I’m sure it’s better {aren’t they all?!?!}…but with two crazy kids runnin’ around this place I barely have time to read the mail.

I found out that my Aunt passed away over the weekend. Such a sad story, but to sum it all up, she’d been living with Alzheimer’s for the last few years. I swear that disease is the devil….my great grandmother died of the same thing and watching her go through that was the worst. My aunt was in a really sad place and she finally went to be with Jesus late Friday night. I know she’s in a much better place now…and hopefully having a few cups of coffee with my sweet grandma in heaven...but I miss her. The REAL her. And I hate Alzheimer’s. Did I say that already??

Mid-year assessments are starting in another week so we’re spending this coming week getting the babes back on track and ready function independently for long periods of time while I assess. We don’t get subs on those days so it should be interesting :) Starbuck’s will know me by name by the time assessments are over :) We’ll be working on the literacy centers from my latest literacy pack, Frosty & Friends. Here’s a little preview for those of you that have emailed me about it…


We’re introducing place value in Math this week, so we’ll be working on lots of activities from my Place Value Packet of Fun. We’ll also be working on some Math tubs from my new Winter math tub packet {not uploaded yet because I found several errors…let’s contribute that to lots of late nights, jet lag, and peppermint punch :)} I’ll upload that either tomorrow or Tuesday, so if you’ve recently asked me about it, I promise I’ll get it up early this week!!!

Alright sweet friends. I’m laid up in bed watching Lifetime. Tonight’s theme must be about crummy friends because every movie is all about friends killing friends and stealing each other’s husbands or boyfriends. My word…I love Lifetime Sundays. I’m also wearing this little gem Mr. Spouse bought me for Christmas…


GAH. I’m no fun to look at in the mornings. How does Mr. Spouse manage?!

No, it’s not a joke. He got it HERE and I swear it’s the coziest thing I own. I actually laughed out loud when I opened it up because I thought for sure it was a gag gift. Oooops. We’d been talking about the Forever Lazy the night before and I couldn’t believe there was really such a product. This little number is definitely no Forever Lazy. I promise you’d love it. I’m actually obsessed with it. It’s got footies and everything. For this cold natured momma, it’s right up my alley. It’s warm as all get out. And when I wear it, I’m pretty sure this is what I look like:



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