Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Praise Jesus! And a Little More Alliteration




In other news, I just wanna put him in my pocket in take him home with me! PRESH!

Sarah left me a comment the other day directing me to this absolutely DARLING activity she did for alliteration.

We didn’t have the book Ten in a Sled, but I loved the idea of using verbs with alliteration. So…while I’m waiting for my copy of Ten in a Sled, I decided to do a little whole group shared writing activity with the class. We made two word alliteration sentences using nouns & verbs. This was a great way to assess my kids’ understanding of action words…a few of them were still having a hard time with it! When one kiddo couldn’t figure out the perfect verb to go with his/her name, he/she got to call on a friend for help. This was such a FUN activity!!!!


Then they got to follow up with a little writing activity for their desk task {literacy station} that day.

alliteration4 alliteration5

Since that little activity got such rave reviews, I followed it up with something similar today. Instead of alliterations using nouns & verbs, we used nouns & adjectives! This was A LOT harder!!! It took lots of little minds working together to come up with words to describe themselves…especially words that had to start with the same initial sound as their first names!!!


We followed up with another little writing activity for their desk task today, too.

alliteration3 alliteration6

I collected all of their writing to laminate and then turn into class books for our library.

These shared writing activities were also great for reinforcing punctuation and stretching out sounds to make words….we’re working SO hard on that!!!!

Nothing too exciting, but my kids had such a blast with these!! And to those of you that think my anchor charts are always fun and frivolous, as you can see, they’re clearly NOT. As long as it gets the job done, sometimes it just doesn’t matter how they look!!!!

I’ve got a glass of cabernet & Top Chef calling…y’all have a great rest of the week!!!

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