Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Alliteration

One of the objectives we’re working on this week {and last week} is alliteration. There are SO many great books to read to introduce and cover this topic. Some of our favorites are…


Shel Silverstein poems are great for alliteration, too! My kids loved Picture Puzzle Piece, Noise Day, and Spoiled Brat :) the most!! The beg me to read them on the daily :)

We talked a lot about alliteration last week and ended the week with a little alliterative writing after reading If You Were Alliteration. We brainstormed a giant list of animals and then I had each of my firsties choose an animal to write about in an alliterative sentence. The sentence could be silly or serious. OF course, all of the writing I got back was definitely silly! The kids had to write a sentence and then illustrate it. They loved this activity!!!


I absolutely LOVED Julie Lee’s “All About Me Alliteration” activity, so I borrowed that idea and gave it a little twist. Instead of having the kids write an alliterative sentence about themselves, I had them write one about a friend! They thought this was the neatest idea! They couldn’t wait to say silly things about their buddies. I definitely chose partners so that the kids weren’t fighting over each other. They did such an AWESOME job!!!

alliterationpeople1alliterationpeople2 alliterationpeople3

I created a little anchor chart today to hang up and display all of their alliterative animal sentences. I haven’t started on that yet, but hopefully that will be up by the end of the week! In the meantime, it’s sitting on the easel for reference.


As we were packing up to leave this afternoon, one of my sweeties said she couldn’t wait to do more alliteration activities. “We get to do some more tomorrow, right Mrs. Carroll?!?!!?” Ummmm…sure! Have y’all seen any great ideas or do you do anything in your class you want to share?! I’d love to add a few new things to the mix!

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