Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inferencing with NO David! and a Silent E Freebie

To kick off inferencing, we started out using Abby’s Snow Day Case Files. Do y’all have this yet??


If you’re teaching inferencing, you SERIOUSLY need this!!!! Let me just tell you that my kids were all over it. I set up my case files and the kids went to town being little “inference investigators”. Wow. I mean, they really got it!!!!!


To follow up, we pulled out the book, NO David! My kids LOVE this one!!! Our whole team is using this book to reinforce inferencing skills. First up, we made a little “No David!” inferencing brainstorm chart. We talked about using our schema and the clues in the text to make really good inferences. As we looked at each page of the story, I called on a few kids to give me an inference about the picture and then the clue/schema that helped them make the inference. We broke up this activity into parts because even though this isn’t a long story word wise, it’s pretty long when you’re making inferences!!!


david6 david7

After we brainstormed our inferences, I introduced our little inferencing anchor chart. We talked about words to use {sentence starters} when we’re making/writing about inferences. We went over schema again and they IMMEDIATELY knew what evidence was {thanks to Abby’s Snow Day Case Files!!!!}



I had the kids fill out this little inferencing sheet where they had to describe a picture from the story, write their inference about the picture, and then write about a clue/schema that helped them make their inference. LOVE!!!!



We’ve got lots more inferencing activities planned, but so far we’re off to a great start!

We’ve also been reviewing and working with silent e. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think they’re *finally* getting it!!! Now we’re working hard to incorporate the silent e into our everyday spelling. Here’s a little activity we did a couple of weeks ago. My kids LOVED it and it really helped them to understand the job of silent e!!!

Click to download Silent E Freebie

I’ll be spending the next few nights cramming for my ESL certification test on Friday. EEEEK!!! Nervous!! I’m NOT a test taker by a LONG shot. However, I think God is helping me through this one!!! I’ll be praying big time!! Have y’all taken it?!?! I heard it’s REALLY hard!!! Nothing like waiting ‘til the last minute to study! To prep for a long night of studying, I’ll be watching Top Chef and cooking THIS for dinner. That should help me make it through!!! HA!!!


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