Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boggle & Dental Health

I love Boggle. One of my most favorite apps. While writing about my love for this game during Writer’s Workshop one day, I realized that my kids sorta love this game, too! A few of them said that their parents play it on their phones and some of the others talked about playing Boggle Jr. at home with their families. Love it! So I combined their love for Boggle with their love for the SMARTBoard and now they ALL have a FAVORITE Work Work activity!! At least once a week, I have the kids visit the SMARTBoard to play Boggle…and they LOVE it!! They each take turns connecting words and then recording them on a corresponding sheet. You can click on the pics to download a set of Boggle Boards & recording sheet for your kiddos. This is a PDF file so they aren’t specifically made for SMARTBoard…you can adapt them however you need! :)



If you don’t have a SMARTBoard, you could laminate the Boggle Boards and have the kids find words using a vis-à-vis or expo marker & then record their words on the recording sheet.

Oh…almost forgot! You might already be all planned out for the next few weeks, but just incase you’re needing some new ideas & activities, I just uploaded my Dental Health Mini Unit ~ Brusha, Brusha, Brusha to TpT {$3.50}


This little Dental Health Mini Unit includes 42 pages of engaging, hands-on activities such as:
*3 poetry pocket activities
*writing prompts & templates {how-to, text to self connection, creative writing}
*graphing & data analysis
*word problems and work mats
*hands-on addition/subtraction activity & recording sheet for math tubs
*thinking maps
*two egg experiments & science notebook/journal activities
*hands-on blending onset & rimes game with recording sheet
*/ee/ & /ea/ word sort with work mats & extension sheets


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