Thursday, February 17, 2011

George Washington

We started learning a little about Presidents this week. Our unit on money was the PERFECT intro! Over the last few weeks, the kids have been learning all about coin identification & the Presidents on each…


First up, George Washington. We read the perfect little biography that kept the kids really engaged. They were fascinated by the fact that G. Dub didn’t go to school!! How in the world was that even possible?! We created a circle map and gathered tons of facts about our first President and then carried over our new learning into a little writing piece.

We were reviewing statement & question sentences {using the correct punctuation} so I had my kids write one telling sentence & one question sentence including facts we learned from our reading. I also had the kids make their own little George Washingtons using half a paper plate, flesh colored paint {orange & white paint mixed together ;)}, construction paper, & cotton balls. They turned out pretty dang cute and I was so proud of their writing!


It took NO time to cut out the hats {steps below} and the kids used construction paper to make the eyes, nose, & mouth. The art piece to this little project was really pretty quick!

For the hat…

Cut a 12x4 piece of blue construction paper


Fold in half {bring the left side over to the right}


Cut off the right side bottom corner {diagonally} and cut an upside-down triangle on the top.


Now open it up and VOILA! George Dubya’s hat :)


More President’s Day activities to come!!

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