Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Many {Antonym} Feet Do We Meet?!

This week we’ve been working on antonyms and the kids are lovin’ it! We started by reading this book…
…and then we brainstormed a list of opposites. Surprisingly, some of my babies were having a hard time with the concept. So I had to explain to them, “If something is ______ it can’t be _______!!!” After a few go ‘rounds of that, I sent the kids off to trace their own feet and write a pair antonyms on either one!!
I added all the pairs to a big anchor chart…
The kids have also been working on their very own little antonym books! They’ve been keeping these in their book baskets and adding to them every time they have an “a-ha!” antonym moment :) They LOVE to read these to themselves and their friends during the Daily 5, and they’ve even been working on these when they have “extra” time {ha! Is there really such a thing?!?!}
Click the pic below for the little antonym book cover & pages :)

Graphic courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles

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