Monday, March 21, 2011

Heavy Heart

Today was our first day back from Spring Break, but we all arrived with heavy hearts. Over the weekend, we learned that our sweet counselor’s 19-year-old daughter was admitted to the ICU. By Sunday morning, we found out that she had unexpectedly passed away. My heart is broken for this family and their tremendous loss. Our entire school met today as a “family” to talk about the events of the weekend and what we could do to help our counselor & her family. Just a very short year ago, we had a very similar family meeting after we lost a precious 1st grader to cancer. Life is short and completely unexpected, and as a mom, that makes me want to cherish every little moment I have with my boys…even the not-so-great times :) I was reminded today how blessed I am…I have two {healthy} sweet boys & a husband I love more than life itself, and I work in a school full of the most loving, christian people I’ve ever known. It truly feels like I “work” with my family. Even though I didn’t know our counselor’s daughter personally, I teared up as we prayed {together} for the family. It’s hard not to feel sad when it hits so close to home. I spent a lot of extra time tonight snuggling my boys and giving them more hugs and kisses than they could handle, so I have nothing to share with you tonight. I just ask that you say an extra prayer of peace & comfort for this sweet family.

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