Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Since this is a post of a bunch of random things, I’m calling it my “potpourri”. {Does anyone dislike that word as much as I do?!?! Mark it under one of my most not-favorite things to say}
Is anyone else BARELY getting to fractions?! We started our fraction unit this week and started by discussing equal & unequal parts. I folded a bunch pieces of construction paper {even & uneven} and passed them out to the kids after a little fraction introduction on the SmartBoard. The kids had to go back to their desks and cut the construction paper on the creases and then determine whether or not they had equal or unequal parts.
Then we sorted! As we were sorting equal & unequal parts, I had the kids give me “fraction sentences” for the parts that were equal. If I was holding up 4 equal parts, I put three behind my back and then the kids would say, “3 out of 4 pieces are behind your back. 1 out of 4 pieces are in your hand.” Loved it!
If you’re still looking for fraction ideas and fun, I’ll be posting my Fraction Unit to TpT this weekend.
One of my writing activities this week was Roll, Write, & Revise! The kids are LOVING this little activity and have requested that it stay in the writing center for the rest of the week. This is one request I’m happy to grant :) I taped 6 different MESSED UP sentences and glued them onto a tissue box. The kids had to “roll” the box, read the sentence, write it, and then revise it.
They had to look for punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors. I was SO impressed with their work! They did GREAT!! I stayed close to my babies who struggle when they were visiting this station. We did this activity together and I had them explain why we had to revise different parts of the sentences. I was so proud of them!
The kids are LOVING it!!! And it goes perfectly along with Kathleen Pedersen’s FIX IT UP! Packet. Do y’all have it yet?! If you don’t, you should! My kids are having so much fun “fixing” her sentences!! You can download the sentences I used on the Kleenex box & the recording sheet here:
Graphic courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles

We’ve also been working on compound words this week. Smart Lesson Stop had a great compound words activity for the SmartBoard that my kids just adored. We went through a portion of it together and I had the kids do another portion independently for Word Work. The kids also got to combine two words/pictures to make a new word & then match it up to the compound word card.
When they were finished with the matching, they made little compound word flip books. They loved it!
Graphic courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles

Here are a few more little activities we’re workin’ on this week, but with no pics to share :) We’ve been busy and I’ve been slightly forgetful.

The kids LOVE this sight word “game”! This is another repeat request. They love playing and don’t even realize they’re practicing spelling. I love activities like that! Directions are included in the download :)
Graphics courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles

I also put out a little synonym/antonym game out this week. It’s a variation of an idea I got from Mailbox Magazine…I just can’t remember what issue?!?! To prepare this activity, you’ll need to copy the synonym/antonym boards and the synonym and antonym cards on cardstock {for durability}. Each board will need a set of synonym/antonym cards as well. Laminate and cut the synonym and antonym cards and place in baggies. Distribute a board and a baggie to each player. Player 1 will reach into his baggie and remove a synonym or antonym card. Depending on the card he draws, he will cover up a corresponding pair of words on his board. {For example, if he pulls out an antonym card, he would place it on top of a pair of antonyms on his board}. The next player will do the same and so forth. The first player to cover up a row {horizontally or diagonally} on his board is the winner! You could also use these as synonym/antonym Bingo boards :) I included two different recording sheets as well. My kids are LOVING this game!!!!
Graphics courtesy of Scrappin' Doodles

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