Thursday, March 31, 2011

Onomatpoeia. Say it Three Times Fast!

HA!! That's my little running joke with my firsties. They think this word is SUCH a HOOT!! Cracks me up. We’ve been talking about onomatopoeia words since October-ish. The kids LOVE to tell me when they find one of these sound words when they’re reading and they sit on pins and needles waiting to say, “I heard an ONOMATOPOEIA!!!!” while I’m reading to them. I love that they’re so quick to identify these words without any help. I decided it would be fun to do a little extension to reading activity to reinforce this concept.

Since the weather is changing and April showers are on the way, we read this little book first…

It’s a great little rhyming book with some awesome onomatopoeia words describing the sounds of rain. After we read the book, we made a little brainstorm map. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture, but I’ll try my best to describe it. I drew a big umbrella on a large piece of butcher paper and drew lots of raindrops underneath it. Then I had the kids tell me as many words describing the sound of rain as they could and we wrote each word inside a different raindrop.

We learned all about weather at the beginning of the year, so this was a great opportunity for us to revisit what we learned. I had the kids think of different types of weather that make sounds…thunder, lightning, wind, etc. Then I had each of my kiddos pick out an umbrella, a handle, and 4-6 raindrops. They each had to assemble their umbrella and write onomatopoeia words on each raindrop to represent the sounds of different types of weather. LOVE it!!!


The kids came up with words like splash, drip, ting!, kerplop, whoosh, whirl, ssss, howl, and so many more! What a fun way to reinforce sound words!!


I don’t have a template for any of this, although that really would have helped with assembly! HA!! I was just cutting blind! You’ll see that some of my raindrops are itty and some are HUGE, and my poor little umbrellas are all shades of funky. I still think they turned out pretty dang cute! I think this little craftivity would be fun with ANY concept!!!

Do you have any fun ideas for reinforcing onomatopoeia words?!?! I’d love to hear them!

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