Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh, Happy Day!

It’s Friday, y’all!! GET HAPPY!!!

My day started off a little iffy. I may or may not have gotten a ticket for an expired inspection sticker this morning. I guess the state wasn’t playin’ around when they said, “Check the date. Love your state.” Oops!! The cop, however, was SUPER nice!! I managed to make it to Starbuck’s for my Friday morning Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte and my weekly “pay it forward” {whenever I drive thru, I like to pay for my drink and the person’s order behind me!! Makes me happy!!!}

My day just got better after that! Here are just a few things that made me happy today…

The Book Fair was open to teachers today and our amazing PTA gave each of us a $30 credit to spend on books. There’s nothing better than something FREE!!!!!!! LOVE!!!



I’m SO in love with the Abraham Lincoln hardback!!! The illustrations are amazing and it’s perfect for this time of year!! THANK YOU, PTA!!!

One of the cuties on our team ran to Sonic during our planning and brought us all drinks! Nothing says happiness like a large Sonic coke on a Friday afternoon!


And one of my sweeties brought me this sweet little lunch bag “just because”. CAH-ute!!! It’s currently serving as my camera bag :)


A sweet little note from one of my firsties definitely brought a little happy to my day!


And when I got home this afternoon, I found the sweetest card and CD from my Dad!! LOVE that man!! He & I share a serious love of music and obscure/random artists.


What a perfect almost end to an otherwise crummy starting day!

What made you happy today?!?!

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