Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrity of the Week

When I found out I would be moving from 2nd down to 1st last year, the wheels immediately started turning. I’d had a jungle theme in my room for several years, so I was ready for a change…and I knew “Hollywood” was the way to go! Last year, my star of the week was aptly named King/Queen of the Jungle. This year, my kiddos get to be “Celebrity of the Week”…and they LOVE IT! I have a special little celebrity corner decorated with paper lamps and pics of Disney stars, and a special celebrity chair that only the honorees are allowed to use {for the week}. Can I just tell you how much I love this chair?! I *might* have a chair obsession {my husband can attest to this} and I found this little beauty at one of my favorite antique shops for a whopping $15!! SOLD!


Here’s a little breakdown of the week’s events. I can’t take credit for this format, however…I got the idea from Mrs. Madden. I LIVED on her site when I taught 2nd grade!! LOVE her! I changed & added a few things to better suit my class, but I got a lot of the week’s ideas from her! If you’re interested in this format, you can download and editable version on her site.


I send home an “All About Me” poster the Friday before the big week and the Celebrity gets to share the finished product with the class on Monday. Then I spell out his/her name {first & last} with magnetic letters and I have the kids help me manipulate them to make new words. We record all the new words on chart paper and then I use them to make a Wordle to give to the celebrity on Friday.


On Tuesday, the kids bring in an item for show & tell…whatever they want as long as it’s not inappropriate or dangerous :)

On Wednesday, the celebrity brings in his/her favorite book to read to the class. Typically, the celebrity’s parent(s) will come in and read to us…our own celebrity reader! And my kids LOVE when they bring non-fiction books! Crazy, but true!

Thursday is “friends & family” day. The celebrity can bring in pictures and family keepsakes to share with the class. I love this day because the kids are so proud to share a little piece of themselves with everybody…and they LOVE bringing in their coolest pictures to show-off which inevitably lead into some pretty big stories!!

Friday is probably my favorite day of the week! The celebrity’s parents come in to have lunch with him/her on the stage and then come back to the classroom for a little “Wall of Fame” ceremony. This doesn’t last too long…maybe 5-10 minutes at the most, but it’s an awesome way for the kids to finish off their special week!

I cut out large stars {which I really stink at doing} and write their name at the top. When it’s time for the “ceremony”, the celebrity autographs the star & dates it.


Then I paint their little palms and have them stamp their handprints…just like they do in Hollywood!


And of course, the paparazzi has to get the money shot, too!



This has turned out to be such a hit! I hang all the stars on my “Wall of Fame” right above their cubbies. On Fridays, the celebrity also gets to take home his/her Wordle and a poster signed by all of our classmates. Unfortunately, I guess I forgot to take pics of that, but you can check out the idea on Mrs. Madden’s site…I HAD to borrow that idea because it was just TOO cute not to do! And the kids LOVE it!!


I’d love to hear how you celebrate your stars!!!

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