Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Math Games

Happy first day back after a niiiiiiiiiice long break :) I know we’re all excited, right?! Just 10 short weeks ‘til the next vacation, but who’s counting?! Seriously though…I’m already missing my little boys during the day, but I’m SO happy the whole family is back in a routine! Since I’m currently raising the two wildest boys under the age of 4, I didn’t have much time to create a whole lot over the break. I had to spend all my *down time* {yeah right} being a mommy & tending to domestic duties. Thankfully I had lots of planning time today to try and get caught up! Here are a few little games I’ll be putting in our math tubs this week.

Click on the pictures to download the activities.


Race to the Snowman is a fun little 2 player game where the object is to reach the snowman first! The players add & remove marshmallows from their game path to reach the snowman and win the game!


I love toss/tally/graph activities. I usually like to play these with the two sided seasonal cardstock pieces you can buy by the package at teacher store. Since I don’t have any of those handy, I’ll be making my own 2 sided cards using the pictures I included in this download. Since the recording sheet will require the kids to complete several tasks {tally, create a picture graph, create a bar graph, write about the data}, I’ll be working with the kids in small groups to help facilitate this activity.


This fun little two player game will really challenge the kids to create & extend patterns. Read through the instruction page to see how you can vary this activity! And, of course, if you have any better ideas of how these games could be played….please share!!!

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