Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day Stats

So…which of you has been the lucky recipient of a snow day, or two, this week?! Don’tcha just love those days?! I thought we’d for sure have one Monday because the entire city shuts.down. at the sight of flurries. It snowed cats & dogs & fluffy white rabbits on Sunday. You KNOW I was up about an hour earlier than normal checking the local news to see if our district was giving us a day to cozy up by the fire. No such luck, but I did get to sleep in. We were on a 2 hour delay. I’ll take it! Since snow is such a novelty in these areas, I knew the kids would have nothing but SNOW on their minds, so I rearranged my Monday plans and we had a little snow day in the class. Mercy. Since a lot of you will be returning to your classes tomorrow after getting a few fabulous days off, I thought you might like this for your babies.

Graphics courtesy of Digi Web Studio
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I had the kids break up into groups and survey their classmates. After they tallied all the data, they went back to their desks and showed the data on the graph. Then I had them complete the Interpreting the Data sheet. When they were finished with all that, I let them take construction paper and draw their favorite snow day activity, cut it out, and glue it to a big “SNOW DAY 2011” mural we have hanging outside of our classroom door. My firsties loved it and it was an awesome way to channel all their snow day energy into something productive :)

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