Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Daily Addictions {The Teacher Edition}

We all have “those things” that we just HAVE to have to get us through the day. Sometimes, a nice pair of earplugs would be amazing, but since that won’t be happenin’ anytime soon, here’s what I “need” to get me through the workday…

zsonic cupimage

1. A large SONIC coke. Y’all. I.MUST.HAVE.CAFFEINE.TO.START.MY.DAY. And usually in this form. REfreshing as all get out. And Sonic is kind of a big deal at our school. EVERYONE has a Sonic drink in their hand at some point of the day. My favorite kind of day is the “Sonic Surprise” day when a sweet mom might bring one up for me. And I LOVE that Sonic gives discounts to teachers!!

zstarbucks-cup_3002. If my lips aren’t glued to the straw of my favorite Sonic beverage, then I’m definitely leavin’ lipstick on the rim of a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte…y’know, because saving those extra 500 calories on another Starbuck’s beverage comes in handy when I’m shoveling M&M’s and donuts in my mouth by the fistfuls. Dang teacher’s lounge! When I’m feeling extra adventurous, I’ll splurge on a White Chocolate Mocha {whipped cream, yes please!!} or a caramel frappuccino {pure heaven}.


3. I love me some Pandora. Since my little nano is broken {thanks to my curious boys and a heckuva lotta slobber}, I pull up my Frank Sinatra radio station on Pandora and all is right in the world of 1st grade. The kids refer to Sinatra & friends as our “brain music”. Love it!!


4. I might have an obsession with notebooks. I’m just sayin’. I buy one practically every time I’m at the store. I always carry one with me to jot down ideas that I don’t wanna forget. Even though I’m 2 years out of being pregnant, I still have pregnancy brain. I forget EVERYTHING.


5. Fine tip sharpies are my first love. If they would pay the mortgage, I’d make my husband move out. They seriously make my heart sing. Nothing looks better in a planner than a fine tip sharpie!!! I MUST have fine tip sharpies in my stash in the classroom and at home. I love those things!!!


6. Speaking of pens, these are another fave. If they weren’t so danged expensive, I’d keep ‘em stocked all year round. However, I usually “borrow” them from my sweet teacher friends and accidentally forget to return them :)


7. I don’t think I could live without a planner!!! My favorite are the kind that the Teacher’s Credit Union gives us at the beginning of the school year. SO random, but I’ve saved every planner since I first started teaching 9 years ago. My favorite personal planner is my sassy little zebra print Mom Agenda. That thing ROCKS my face off.

06ARW English Only Font PDF

8. Can y’all tell I’m a little obsessed with fonts?! I get tons of emails asking me what my favorites are and where I get them. My most favorites are DJ Jumble, Doodle Tipsy, Balker, DJ Daze, Smiley Monster, Wish I Were Taller, and almost any and every Pea Font. You can grab the pea fonts…along with LOTS of scrapbooking fonts…over at Kevin & Amanda’s blog. Sugar Frog Fonts has some cute handwritten fonts, too.


9. TEACHER BLOGS!!!! Omiword, y’all. There are some serious rockstars out there in the world of teaching. Holy creativity people!!! My team would like to thank you all for my absence in the lounge during lunchtime. I’m scouring every.single.blog just DYING over your amazing ideas and activities as I savor every bite of my Lean Cuisine…or bag of popcorn ;) And the printables are killing me!!! You can scroll through some of my favorite blogs on the sidebar!! Don’t see yours listed?! PLEASE send me your link!!! I don’t wanna miss out!!!

And at the end of a long day…after all the kids are safe in their homes and mine are snug in their beds…I like to wind down with this..

Wine figures


What are some of your “must haves”?!?! I’d love to hear about ‘em and know what I’m missing!!!

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