Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, friends! It’s been a busy week! Isn’t the first week back from break…and every week thereafter…busy?! HA! We started the week talking about goals and resolutions. I told the kids my resolution was to be healthier this year {aka: lose about 10 lbs. of holiday weight. MERCY!} I had my kids make goals for themselves either at home or school. They LOVED this activity!! I used the lined paper from a new year template one of the teacher’s on my team gave to us. I found this super fun scrapbook paper and used that to make the hats, glued on a fun little pom pom, and busted out the Dollar Tree party blowers for some sass!

LOVE this quote!!!!




I’ll be back this weekend with more to share…symmetrical snowflakes, math games, and a little mini-unit for The Mitten complete with pics & downloads!

HAPPY {almost} FRIDAY!!!!!

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